Welcome to Football Stanthorpe

We are the local competition administrators for the district, recognising that Stanthorpe and the local surrounds has historically had a strong local competition with six clubs currently participating across a wide breath of age groups.


If you are interested in joining in, we believe there is always space for you and your children to play, so please contact us for more information on how to get started.


Grassroots football is proudly run by all of our volunteers, both club and non-club affiliated. Thank you to all who have and continue to do so. We strongly encourage anyone who is able to volunteer to let us know that you can lend a hand.



The COVID-19 pandemic greatly disrupted our 2020 season... But as all of us have done the hard work and sacrifice to get through, we are all keen to have 2021 come with renewed opportunities to enjoy the game we all love.









Notice Board

 Football Stanthorpe in 2021

3 September - Our 2021 Grand Finals is nearly upon us! Follow the action on our Facebook page! If you are interested in joining our local football community playing, coaching or othewrise, feel free to contact via email!


3 July - The season has been happening on the pitch and updates on our Facebook page as well as all our local clubs' Facebook pages! We will be going into Round 3 very soon, then a fantastic finish with Awards Night then the Finals Series at the end of August! Keep following us! As always, contact via email.


12 April - The season is nearly upon us! The first weekend of the local season will be on 24th of April. We also have the TFL season well underway with Stanthorpe United Redbacks FC representing in the Men's Premier League Division. Don't forget, all players ages and skill levels welcome! Enquire via Facebook or via email.


1 March - Lots has happened since the last update on this website! Best to follow our Facebook page for up to date details. All our clubs are on board with the season. We plan to have all grades available so enquire to a club now! Check out our club contacts page for information. We also have a referees course organised and a coaches course coming up too.


15 January - Football Stanthorpe is full steam ahead with planning for the upcoming season. First update is the Ladies' interest survey. Find the link on our Facebook page or some of you will have received a link from your respective clubs. Also, we will be organising a referee course very soon. Keep your eyes out for details!


5 January - With the start of the new year comes renewal and new beginnings! This website will be updated regularly to keep you as up-to-date as possible with information about our upcoming season. Also like and follow our Facebook page for your convenience.


Contact: secretary.footballstanthorpe@gmail.com