2022 WINTER SEASON runs during school term 2 and 3. Fixtures will be released online mid April. The Willetton Stadium tries to place game times of each grade as close as possible to the last season times but there are no guarantees that this will happen. The game grid is finalised after nominations close and the grading meeting. 

Clubs are allocated a team cap by Willetton Stadium to make sure the competitions will fit in the available venues. Clubs are not able to increase their club caps.  

PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER AND PAY FOR THE SEASON BY 28TH  FEBRUARY 6.00PM 2022.  After this date the Willetton Stadium requires that all clubs finalise their teams and nominate them into the Winter Competitions.

PUMA SEASON FEES $240. Please contact PUMA if your family is experiencing any difficulty with the payment or registration.

AGE ELIGIBILITY details for the 2022 Winter season are the same as they were for the 2021/2022 Summer season.

Age eligibility depends on the age the player is on the 30th June in the year the competition ends - 2022. 

To play 8s a player needs to be at least 6 and at most 7 on the 30th June in the year the competition ends - Winter Season 2022. 

To Play 10s a player needs to be at least 7 and at most 9 on the 30th June in the year the competition ends.

To play 12s a player needs to be at least 9 and at most 11 on the 30th June in the year the competition ends.

To play 14s a player needs to be at least 11 and at most 13 on the 30th June in the year the competition ends.

To play 16s a player needs to be at least 12 and at most 15 on the 30th June in the year the competition ends.

To play 18s a player needs to be at least 14 and at most 17 on the 30th June in the year the competition ends.




1. You are registering to a club and not to a team. 

2. For returning 2021/2022 Summer players:

Players will be placed in a team and grade which is as close as possible to their skill and development level.  Placement will be based on the Player's playing history in the 2021/2022 Summer season and any other available players in the age group who may or may not have a playing history.  

The grade nominated by PUMA may be changed by Willetton Stadium with input from the Junior Working Group at the season Grading Meeting. PUMA nominate without knowing the nominations of the other clubs. This information is known at the grading meeting. Each domestic junior club has a representative at the meeting and a vote.

3. New players

Any Player who did not play 2021/2022 Summer season for PUMA. New Players will be nominated in a team and grade based on any previous basketball experience and where positions are available.  

4. Limited regrading of teams after the season has commenced

There is limited regrading by Willetton Stadium and the Junior Working Group after the season start in 12s and up grades. Regrading can cause issues with competition court grids and competition ladders. 8s and 10s have mini competitions through the season where grading can occur but the court grid still requires careful changes. It is easier than the 12s and up grades because there are no ladders in 8s and 10s.

Players cannot be regraded from their registered team after grading without the approval of the Junior Working Group. Any new Players after the competition start also require approvement before they play. Approval to be requested by PUMA. 

5. Training, Games 

After the Junior Sub Committee grading meeting the competition grid will be created. After this has been completed, the available training courts at Willetton Stadium, ASC and Striker Leeming will be allocated to the clubs. PUMA will also have booked other outside venues for training.

PUMA will try to allocate training half courts to our teams. Every effort will be made to allocate the same court as the teams had in Summer Season 2021/2022, BUT this is not always possible. Sometimes the courts available do not match the specific requirements of a team or the court is no longer available. Early training times and courts where the rings can be lowered must go to the younger teams. Times are mostly only available before game times at Willetton Stadium. 

Please advise if a team decides to find their own court. The comparable value to allocations by Willetton and PUMA will be provided to the team(s) who organise their own court. The cost of training courts allocated by PUMA is shared by all players in their season fees.

PUMA may also allocate 3 teams of similar ability and age to a squad training. Courtspace and available times are scarce and sharing resources may need to be introduced as a result. Some PUMA squad training were introduced in Summer and is a new concept to PUMA but has been used previously with success by other clubs. 

Training and attendance at games is compulsory when a team trains or plays. Please advise/discuss with your team Coach and or Manager if you will not be at a game or training each week.

Please advise your Coach and or Manager asap if you will be unable to play a game so that they can organise a fill in Player. Coaches and or Managers are asked to arrange eligible fill in(s) and to contact the PUMA contact or age coordinator to discuss and for assistance. Age and grade, uniforms and Representative status needs to be considered. 

PUMA acknowledges that the need for a forfeit may be at short notice. Please call 9310 3388 Willetton Stadium to advise late notice forfeits asap. Please always follow up with notice of an email by an email to admin@willettontigers.com.au and to pumawillettonbasketballclub@gmail.com .

There is no additional game fee if a Player plays as a fill in for another PUMA team. Players can play up a grade in 12s and above 4 times if they are age eligible and Representative Player appropriate. Players cannot play down or across a grade in 12s and up grades. On the 5th game up without approval through PUMA by the Junior Working Group they will be deemed under the Competition ByLaws to be an illegal Player on the 5th and any further games played up in total across any PUMA teams without approval.

8s and10s. Modified Rules are in place in addition to the Competition ByLaws and can be found on the Willetton Tigers Website. Fill ins are very flexible but consideration should be made to avoid as an example for A grade players in C grade out of courtesy.

The Competition ByLaws and Modified Rules can change from season to season.

6. Uniforms - club colours yellow/gold, black with white and grey trim. PUMA teams should wear the yellow/gold strip unless there is a clash with another PUMA team. ByLaw - Team A to reverse their playing tops eg Puma Team A to wear black and Puma Team B to wear Gold unless they can agree otherwise. The Puma yellow/gold strip will not clash with any other club colours. 

Fill in Players must wear the same playing top as the team they are filling in for, Each player must wear a different number.

Willetton Junior Competition Domestic black shorts are compulsory and can be purchased $27 from the Willetton Stadium Reception.

Playing tops are supplied each season on loan as part of your season fees. Tops must be returned to the Team Manager or Coach after the last game played for the team each season.

Players must be in full uniform at games or the Referees will enforce an out of uniform 5 point penalty per player.   

7. PUMA Families/Players are required to respect the competition officials and opposition clubs/teams

If the Coach is not satisfied with the referee calls, then they can approach or ask the team Manager to approach a Referee Supervisor who wear green shirts with the word Supervisor on the back for assistance.The Duty Manager at Willetton Stadium Reception can also be asked for assistance. Please contact the PUMA contact with any concerns.

8. Behaviour

Players, Families, Spectators and Volunteers are expected to display good sportmanship before, during and after games. PUMA has a low tolerance to poor behaviour. 

PUMA Families/Players are asked to take the time to thank and respect the volunteer Coaches, Managers and Coordinators who work hard to get the Players on the courts each week. The Willettton staff, referees and the opposition also should be respected. 

9.  Volunteers

If, you are willing to assist the club please advise where you may be able to assist or make contact to ask where you could help. Volunteers are always needed. Your help would be appreciated.

Families are asked to be prepared to have an adult scorer at each game. Managers will provide a scoring roster. The scorer is to work with the opposition scorer to keep the game score. The electronic scoring device score will stand at the end of the game. Unless agreed to otherwise by both scorers then the scorer from the team listed second on the fixtures should complete the electronic scoring device.



The Puma Basketball Club hopes all our players and their families/spectators enjoy playing and watching the sport of basketball in the winter season. Good luck and enjoy the season.