COVID Safe Practices

Please review the below to ensure you know what to expect on game day. Your Team Manager has these details, please support them and maintain COVID-safe practices.
If you are feeling unwell - stay home
Wash hands or use hand sanitiser regularly
Social distance
Sign in using the QR Codes at the ground
The SMJFL is encouraging spectators to stay off the field during the breaks and between games
No sharing drink bottles, food, sweat bands etc
Adhere to the number of people allowed in the room (posters will be on the doors)
All activities (eg. coach speeches, team song) requiring more than the allowed number of people in the room should be conducted outdoors
(If there is adverse weather where the safety of the players is in question, players and officials can use the change rooms for shelter even if the density quotient doesn't allow for the required quantity of participants)
Only Coaches, Players, Team Manager, Runner and Trainer are allowed in the change rooms
No sharing food at half time (individually wrapped lollies are OK).

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