Positions to be filled

The roles of Bar Manager, Scammell Ground Manager and COVID Safety Officer need to be filled before the start of the 2021 season.  If you are interested in learning about these roles in more detail, please read below and contact Pat to discuss further, ph: 0402 905 198
The COVID Safety Officer is a new position created in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. In this role you will co-ordinate, educate and evaluate the implementation of the COVID safety training and hygiene protocols, noting that the SMJFL and AFL provide great resources to support the development of these protocols. You will ensure the Club’s adherence to these protocols and take immediate steps to correct any identified breaches. You will be responsible for implementing and maintaining training logs/registers and keeping up to date with any changes to the protocols implemented by SMJFL and communicating these to all within the Club. You will need to complete the Australian Government’s Infection Control Training - COVID-19 and the AFL’s Returning to Community Football in a COVID-19 Environment online course. This role would be great for someone who is organised and passionate about helping the Club navigate safely and successfully through the 2021 season. We would be happy for this to be a job share role.
The Scammell Ground Manager is responsible for the smooth running of game day at Scammell. In this role you will conduct initial ground/club room inspections at home matches. You will report on any maintenance deficiencies (and assist to address where possible) and liaise with the ground-markers (position already filled) to ensure line markings are clear. You will ensure the scoreboard is operational (the Club is implementing new much more user-friendly software this season so this should be a breeze). You will ensure goal post pads are up before the start of play and maintain a visible presence to assist with enquiries on home match days (eg which team in which change room, paperwork available in umpire change rooms etc). You will monitor team clean-up at the close of play, noting that the club room clean up is the responsibility of each team playing on the day, NOT the Ground Manager. While this can be a non-Committee Role, your attendance at Committee meetings may be required on an ad hoc basis. There will need to be a consideration for COVID safe hygiene protocols at Scammell on match day. This is a great role for someone who is organised, approachable and enjoys socialising.
The Bar Manager is responsible for the sale of food and drinks from the bar. You will need to hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol Accreditation (which the Club can assist to organise and will reimburse for). You will need to attend social functions held at Scammell Reserve when the bar is open, including Grub at the Club, and will be helped out behind the bar by our growing number of members who also hold Responsible Service of Alcohol Accreditation. You will not have to order stock as this function is undertaken by the Scammell Reserve Committee. Some liaising with the Scammell Reserve Committee required. This is a great role for someone who is organised, can lead others and enjoys socialising!

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