The teams are here. A huge thank you goes out to our team of coaches and volunteers who worked tirelessly to get every registered player into one of our 44 Varsity Vipers teams. This is by far our BIGGEST YEAR YET.

Please be advised that names are taken from the Sports TG data base and in some instances your players name may be showing as Surname first.

Coaches will make contact with players in the next few days to organize training days and times.

For teams where a coach is yet to be named, we are working hard to find coaches to allow our teams to take the court. If you would like to volunteer your time to coach a team, please contact us atcoach@varsityvipers.com.au 

PLEASE NOTE: Team trainign begins next week. We will post a training schedule for all teams. 

First games for U17 Div 1 Boys, Open Girls and U20 Boys is Wednesday Feb 17.

First games for u17 Div 2/3/4 Boys, U15's and U13's is Friday Feb 19.

First games for U9's and U11's is Saturday Feb 20.


Coach: Jerrell Niu

Baron Le Signor Teo Vipers Div 1
Davies Cooper Vipers Div 1
Barker Dustin Vipers Div 1
Carydias Yianni Vipers Div 1
Andrews Georgie Vipers Div 1
Poh-Howell Brooklyn Vipers Div 1
Niu Sienna Vipers Div 1
Peters Zander Vipers Div 1
McKenzie Oliver Vipers Div 1
McManus Chevy Vipers Div 1



Coach: Angie Witt

Alex Vandinter Vipers Div 1
Armani Moses Vipers Div 1
Chilli McGuinness Vipers Div 1
Georgina Carnall Vipers Div 1
Laker Witt   Vipers Div 1
Tatum Hinze   Vipers Div 1
Coach: Jerrell Niu  
Aerin McLennan Lakers Div 2
Gisele Niu   Lakers Div 2
Ava McLennan Lakers Div 2
Sophie Blackburne Lakers Div 2
Olivia Drakes   Lakers Div 2
Rinoka Yamaha Lakers Div 2



Coach: Andrew & Blair 

Harper Clayton Vipers Div 1
Eli Bannister Vipers Div 1
Aaron del Rosario Vipers Div 1
Harley Lyon Vipers Div 1
Shinners Aston Vipers Div 1
Brendan Dariz Vipers Div 1
Norton Nate Vipers Div 1
King Travis Vipers Div 1
Coach: Tony Birthisel  
Aaron Birthisel Lakers Div 2
Toby Peters Lakers Div 2
Anton Bek Lakers Div 2
Ho Liam Lakers Div 2
Hensby Jaxon Lakers Div 2
Hancock Joshua Lakers Div 2
Williams-Hall Lincoln Lakers Div 2
Coach: Shane & Micheal  
Gordon Connor Venom Div 3
McCann Mason Venom Div 3
Ronaldson Jon Venom Div 3
Park Seongjun Venom Div 3
Staker Charlie Venom Div 3
Finlayson Jake Venom Div 3
Reinikka-Keane Olli Venom Div 3



Coach: Malina Kama

Collins Erin Vipers Div 1
Collins Kailey Vipers Div 1
Cross Macy Vipers Div 1
Flood Charli Vipers Div 1
Imogen  Graham Vipers Div 1
Hinze Addie Vipers Div 1
Kama Taleah Vipers Div 1
Coach: Stuart Mackenzie    
Demczuk Piper Lakers Div 2
Gonzales Brianna Lakers Div 2
Hill Ella Lakers Div 2
McCarthy Imogen Lakers Div 2
Shinners Dhali Lakers Div 2
Lilyana MacKenzie Lakers Div 2
Sohan Sophia Lakers Div 2
Stutchbury Sophie Lakers Div 2




Coach: Scott McGregor

Cooper McGregor Vipers Div 1
Campbell Couch Vipers Div 1
Izaak Green   Vipers Div 1
Billy Dawe   Vipers Div 1
David Sipu   Vipers Div 1
Henry Webster Vipers Div 1
Kaesler Jordan Vipers Div 1
Judd Bright   Vipers Div 1
Coach: Nick Mallen  
Oliver Mallen   Lakers Div 1
Bielamowicz-Cruise Shannon Lakers Div 1
Cooper Wilson Lakers Div 1
Kobe Cross   Lakers Div 1
Emmanuel Adeleye Lakers Div 1
Ason Maschotta Lakers Div 1
Noah Walsh   Lakers Div 1
Macgregor Nathan Lakers Div 1
Coach: Daryn Price  
Ryder Price   Cobras Div 2
Harlem Molony Cobras Div 2
Aiden Mcglashan Cobras Div 2
LeVi Charlie Titi Orchard Cobras Div 2
Lucas Simmonds Cobras Div 2
Moscow Zenn   Cobras Div 2
Tyson Pedder   Cobras Div 2
Oskar Sanders Cobras Div 2
Coach: Tony Birthisel  
Dylan Birthisel Pythons Div 3
AOI MIZUNO   Pythons Div 3
Daniel Teagle   Pythons Div 3
Brayden Rapata Pythons Div 3
Ryan Spiegel   Pythons Div 3
Nikolas Markopoulos Pythons Div 3
Chen Alan   Pythons Div 3
Aikman Sasha   Pythons Div 3
Coach: Rod    
Turton Mitchell Taipans Div 3
Carydias William Taipans Div 3
Odysseus Petridis Alvanos Taipans Div 3
Hattori Leo   Taipans Div 3
MacDonald Kaden Taipans Div 3
Minton Gerorge Taipans Div 3
Woodhouse Dantae Taipans Div 3
Hudson Lucas   Taipans Div 3
Leu Shephard   Taipans Div 3
Coach Boris Stankovic  
Stankovic Darian Adders Div 4
King Dalton   Adders Div 4
Plummer Archie Adders Div 4
Jones Charley   Adders Div 4
Ho Dillon   Adders Div 4
Darrington Sabien Adders Div 4
Lochtenberg Sebestian Adders Div 4
Coggan Liam    Adders Div 4
Coach Kane    
McMurray Ky   Venom Div 2
Cracknell Harrison Venom Div 2
Norris Wil   Venom Div 2
Bell Oakley   Venom Div 2
Foweraker Issac Venom Div 2
Pampuch OLiver Venom Div 2
Hart Jack   Venom Div 2
Baucke Kaius   Venom Div 2
Wilson Zavier   Venom Div 2
Coach: Francisco  
Allen Tadhg   Anacondas Div 3
Angel Jonah   Anacondas Div 3
Barker Flynn   Anacondas Div 3
Kilpatrick Jensen Anacondas Div 3
Taylor Koban   Anacondas Div 3
Booth Henry   Anacondas Div 3
Towler Cruz   Anacondas Div 3
Whitting Caxton Anacondas Div 3
Coach (Daryn)    
Terauds Zachary Rattlers Div 4
Campbell Dylan Rattlers Div 4
Davis Harrison Rattlers Div 4
Dollman Tex   Rattlers Div 4
Finlayson Torin Rattlers Div 4
Hatton Levi   Rattlers Div 4
Herlihy Jaxson Rattlers Div 4
Zhou Joshua   Rattlers Div 4



Coach: Simon Hunter

hunter Jemma Vipers Div 1
Hutton Daisy Vipers Div 1
Fleming Georgia Vipers Div 1
Ay Ada Vipers Div 1
Simpson Isla Vipers Div 1
Lenehan  Jaya Vipers Div 1
Coach: Simon O'Shae  
Ajin Seomun   Lakers Div 2
Demczuk Reece Lakers Div 2
OShea Molly Lakers Div 2
Soeon Ahn   Lakers Div 2
Rankmore Matilda Lakers Div 2
Sutton Madeline Lakers Div 2
Wong Emily Lakers Div 2
Shamsi Ronak Lakers Div 2
Shipton Zoe Lakers Div 2



Coach: Scott McGregor  
Brodie McGregor Vipers Div 1
Luca Sacco   Vipers Div 1
Skye Adams   Vipers Div 1
Nikos Karathanasopoulos Vipers Div 1
Logan Petricevich Vipers Div 1
Jett Wilson   Vipers Div 1
Vitus Weng   Vipers Div 1
Parthiv Sivakumar Vipers Div 1
Coach: Sage    
Bodhi Bielamowicz-Cruise Venom Div 1
Troy Johns   Venom Div 1
Copeland Ashton   Venom Div 1
Maison Scheilbel Venom Div 1
Mason Ngauamo Venom Div 1
Cruz  Moses Venom Div 1
Kobe Kennedy Venom Div 1
Angus walker   Venom Div 1
Coach: Dean    
Haddleton Samuel Lakers Div 1
James  Jackson Lakers Div 1
Sunny Ronaldson Lakers Div 1
Bianchin Denzyl Lakers Div 1
Button Jonathan Lakers Div 1
Woolnough Ash Lakers Div 1
Cross Kaelan Lakers Div 1
Stuart Jett Lakers Div 1
Coach: Jordy    
lachlan bridge Cobras Div 2
Leonardo Sohan Cobras Div 2
Jesse Pascoe   Cobras Div 2
mani vincent Cobras Div 2
Halstead Thomas Cobras Div 2
Cassius Prema Cobras Div 2
Al-Jumaily Ali Cobras Div 2
Mihailoff Kayden Cobras Div 2
Atkinson Koby  Cobras Div 2
Coach: Tony    
Webeck Harrison Pythons Div 3
Carnall Max Pythons Div 3
Eve Elwood Pythons Div 3
Markopolous George Pythons Div 3
Allen Charlie Pythons Div 3
Anderson Chase Pythons Div 3
Wright Lincoln Pythons Div 3
Brooke Lachlan Pythons Div 3
Coach Matt Carter  
Carter Kanoah Anacondas Div 3
Bristow Jordan Anacondas Div 3
Robinson Charlie Anacondas Div 3
Tawse Riley Anacondas Div 3
Hart Jack Anacondas Div 3
woods Iain Anacondas Div 3
Turner Finn Anacondas Div 3
Woollard Ben Anacondas Div 3
Coach Fransisco    
Ireland Levi Adders Div 3
Kraska Alan Adders Div 3
Martin Jarod Adders Div 3
Mitchell Connor Adders Div 3
Park Seonghyun Adders Div 3
Timothy Kye Adders Div 3
Idrees Faragallah Adders Div 3
Pampuch Alexander Adders Div 3
Coach TBA    
Cavanagh             Preston  Snakes Div 4
Foster Dean Snakes Div 4
Pennicott Kingston Snakes Div 4
Brookes River Snakes Div 4
Cacciola Costa Snakes Div 4
Cauiane Taj Snakes Div 4
Davey Tyson Snakes Div 4
Govorov Egor  Snakes Div 4
Kildare Koby Snakes Div 4 
Lincoln  Gillespe Snakes Div 4 
Coach Marty    
Barber Robert Taipans Div 2
Husarek  Nash

Taipans Div 2

Wood Riley Taipans Div 2
Murphy Cruz   Taipans Div 2
Viner Issac   Taipans Div 2
Flentjar Ashton Taipans Div 2
Pitt Dash Taipans Div 2
Mulvaney Samuel Taipans Div 2




Coach: Francis

Amarco Doyle Vipers Div 1  
Ziggy Fowler Vipers Div 1  
Zai Millane Vipers Div 1  
Melim Christian Vipers Div 1  
Jayden Kama Vipers Div 1  
Jack Ireland Vipers Div 1  
Marley Enders-Green Vipers Div 1  
Shih Hung (Lucas) CHIU Vipers Div 1  
Coach: Hamish  
Angus Couch Lakers Div 1  
Izayah Petricevich Lakers Div 1  
Reece Hargreaves Lakers Div 1  
Green Elijah Lakers Div 1  
Samuel Mattress Lakers Div 1  
Jett Sutherland Lakers Div 1  
Jordan Dmochowski McKean Lakers Div 1  
Alec webb Lakers Div 1  
Coach Breyton  
Sebastian Angara Venom Div 1  
Sascha Alexeeff Venom Div 1  
Alex Psaras Venom Div 1  
Max Comish Venom Div 1  
Chalmers Bodie Venom Div 1  
I Gede Tresna Jelantik Venom Div 1  
Ethan McAlpine Venom Div 1  
GORCE Emile Venom Div 1  
Coach: Stuart McKenzie  
Blair MacKenzie Cobras Div 1  
Daniel Tunbridge Cobras Div 1  
Chad Stuart Cobras Div 1  
Pacey Wood Cobras Div 1  
Tom Webster Cobras Div 1  
Ewart Matthew Cobras Div 1  
Pemberton Jack Cobras Div 1  
Lennox Seth Cobras Div 1  
Coach: Todd    
Benjamin Sleep Snakes Div 4
Ned Lauenstein Snakes Div 4
Tarrant Brodie Snakes Div 4
Riley Sullivan   Snakes Div 4
Free Hunter   Snakes Div 4
PENG HOGAN   Snakes Div 4
Moore Archie   Snakes Div 4
Stuart Jett   Snakes Div 4
O'Shae Angus Snakes Div 4
Coach: Jerron    
Mattress Flynn Taipans Div 2
Beck Kai   Taipans Div 2
Goldstone Nathan Taipans Div 2
Caleb Luckhardt Taipans Div 2
Cooper Thomas Taipans Div 2
McIntyre Clayton Taipans Div 2
Jakson Gonzales Taipans Div 2
Murray  Jack Taipans Div 2
Williams Braxton  Taipans Div 2
Coach: Jordy    
Blake  Suhr Adders Div 3
O'Brien Kaden Adders Div 3
Shipton Jake Adders Div 3
Teague Marshall Adders Div 3
Hahn Lewis Adders Div 3
sutton william Adders Div 3
Mahoney Ryan Adders Div 3
Deakin Benji Adders Div 3
Mckenzie Kane 

Adders Div 3

Coach: Billy    
Hattori Ryder   Anacondas Div 3
Sabatier Dallas Anacondas Div 3
Koning Luke Anacondas Div 3
Cook Trent Anacondas Div 3
Maschotta Hunter Anacondas Div 3
Grist Jett Anacondas Div 3
McDonald James Anacondas Div 3
Meldon Joe   Anacondas Div 3
Hart Darcy   Anacondas Div 3
Coach: Nick Mallen    
Alexander Galt Pythons Div 2
Bennett William Pythons Div 2
Delaney Austin Pythons Div 2
Goss Freddie Pythons Div 2
Dzelalija Nicholas Pythons Div 2
Miller Kye Pythons Div 2
McNeal Ty Pythons Div 2
Ay Yunus Pythons Div 2




Pythons Div 2 


Coach: Ben Hayden-SMith

Hayden-Smith Clark Rattlers Div 4
Illes Harrison Rattlers Div 4
Martin Jacob Rattlers Div 4
Mayes Tristan Rattlers Div 4
Mitchell Robert Rattlers Div 4
Newman Bayden Rattlers Div 4
Petridis Alvanos Leonidas Rattlers Div 4
Spence-Gray Daniel Rattlers Div 4
Street Samuel Rattlers Div 4
 Brown Cayden  Rattlers Div 4



Coach: Annie La Fleur

Adkins Rylee Vipers Div 1
Pickford Sophie Vipers Div 1
Laming Ashlee Vipers Div 1
Warner Laura Vipers Div 1
Lucre Chloe Vipers Div 1
Adkins Antonia Vipers Div 1
Disley Tiana Vipers Div 1
Brown Lailani Vipers Div 1
Cronk Evie Vipers Div 1
Coach: JJ Rice  
Jeffery Kiana Lakers Div 2
Minton Paula Lakers Div 2
Rice Celeste Lakers Div 2
Towler Jayla Lakers Div 2
Song seo jin (Claire) Lakers Div 2
Free Zara Lakers Div 2
Gilmour Claire Lakers Div 2
Hardiman Beatrice Lakers Div 2
Masters Frasah Lakers Div 2




Coach: Beau Wilson

Luke Hill   Vipers Div 1
Brandon Tiedeman Vipers Div 1
Yu Griffiths   Vipers Div 1
Thomas Martin Vipers Div 1
Connor Johns   Vipers Div 1
Ryan Fabian   Vipers Div 1
Jonah Fox   Vipers Div 1
Conor Wilson   Vipers Div 1
Coach: Matt    
Billy Simmons   Lakers Div 1
Nathan Thew   Lakers Div 1
Jamie Legg   Lakers Div 1
Noah Bushell   Lakers Div 1
Taj Williams   Lakers Div 1
Cameron McGreevy Lakers Div 1
Jameson Beveridge Lakers Div 1
Dimitrijevski Michael Lakers Div 1
Coach: Ox    
Thomas Cooper Venom Div 2
Clayton Ferruccio Venom Div 2
Daniel-Harry O’Neill Venom Div 2
Eren Simsek   Venom Div 2
Samson Halavatau Venom Div 2
Winston Wu   Venom Div 2
Fong Andrew   Venom Div 2
Dobson Caleb   Venom Div 2
D. Wenceslau   Venom Div 2





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