To those new to the Club, Team Allocations are how we organise players into teams. They are usually put together with their team mates from last year, or with their school friends etc where possible. By contrast, Grading is a selection process where players are sorted into teams of like ability.

The "Grades" referred to below are the age group each player will be placed into, based on their age.  If your child will turn 10 in 2019, he/she will be placed into Grade 10.  Grade 6 is for players turning 6 in 2019 and so on.

NOTE: Players must be registered to be eligible for grading or allocation. Anybody who is not registered will be directed to the Clubhouse to register prior to participating. This is a non-optional requirement for our insurance.

All players who are grading must bring shin pads, boots are optional. Equipment is not required for team allocations.

If you are unable to attend your allotted session, please contact our Registrar with your name and contact details, and any information that may help us allocate your child in your absence.

NOTE: Grading of Competitive Teams and Team Allocation for Non-Competitive Teams is done at the discretion of the Club Grading Committee. Competitive Teams are graded based on a players ability compared to those around them to suit the Division the team will be playing in the 2018 season. While we understand players will always want to play with their friends or the team they were in last year, the Grading Committee will always have the childs best interests in mind based on their abilities to compete in a particular Division.


Dates and Times

Sunday 17th February & Sunday 3rd March

Grade 12 & 13 Grading 8am for 8:30am Start

Sunday 17th February & Sunday 3rd March 

Grade 14 & 15 Grading 9:30am for 10am Start

Sunday 17th February & Sunday 3rd March

Grade 16 & 18 Grading

11am for 11:30am Start

Monday 4th March

Grade 6, 7 Team Allocation

All Ladies Teams

Grade 6 - 5pm

Grade 7 - 6pm

Ladies - 7pm

Tuesday 5th March

Grade 8, 9, 10 & 11 Team Allocation

Grade 8 - 5pm

Grade 9 - 6pm

Grade 10 & 11 - 7pm


Wet Weather

If it is raining on the day of grading, please check the Strikers website or Facebook page after 3:30pm for advice. Team allocations will proceed regardless of weather.


Coaches and Managers

We are an amateur Football Club run by volunteers. We do not have any paid or full-time employees and therefore rely on assistance from our members and their families. It is only with your help that we can continue to operate a Club this size.

Each team requires at least one coach and a manager, with a preference for an assistant coach. If you would like to volunteer for one of these roles please notify our Committee during your grading/allocation time. All coaches and assistant coaches will be trained for free by a qualified coaching instructor. Managers will be given instruction by Committee members. The tools required for coaching and managing your team will be provided by the Club. We would also like to encourage female coaches to apply, ladies don't be shy.


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