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If you feel the need to complain about anything that happens at training or in games the club has a set protocol for dealing with these matters. The reason for this protocol is such that the problem can be investigated properly prior to any action being taken and prior to any correspondence, either written or verbal, being forwarded to the relevant parties. This particularly applies to any matter that may affect the club as a whole. The set procedure for dealing with any matter no matter how great or small is as follows: 

Step 1: Discuss the problem with your coach.

Step 2: If you feel that you cannot deal with your coach or you are not satisfied with the response please contact your team manager.

Step 3: Similarly if you feel you cannot deal with either your coach or team manager please contact a member of the Football Department

Step 4: If you are still not satisfied please contact the club president c/o

Under no circumstances should any parent/player forward any correspondence to any other club or organization without first consulting the relevant co-coordinator or club president.

We trust that you all understand the reasons behind this procedure and that you all please follow this procedure to ensure that all matters are dealt with carefully and to the satisfaction of all parties.

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June 2013

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Hi everyone - Chelsea FC does have a Google + page where we can send you private invites to events that can't be made public on this website. 

Follow THIS LINK and create an account and befriend us you will receive all invites going forward and see the private invites we set up - it will even send reminders to you if you set your account up correctly. 

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