Our Club Plays Fair !

The South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL) and St Kilda Football Club have joined forces to launch the 'Play Fair' campaign. This campaign promotes inclusiveness, respect, and fair play within the junior footballing community.

As a club we have strong values, and the high standard of behaviour we expect from our players, coaches and supporters has not changed. The ‘Play Fair’ campaign will build on these values, and clearly outline the behaviour expected on game-day.

But it is not just the players who should strive to act fair. Club members, officials and supporters are encouraged to act FAIR if playing, officiating, or spectating at a game, or on occasions away from match-day (ie: training, school, social situations, online).

What it means to PLAY, COACH and SUPPORT FAIR:

FUN - Show sportsmanship to help everyone enjoy the game

APPRECIATION - Recognise the worth of others from all religious and cultural background (even if they are different to yours)

INCLUSION - Practice inclusiveness regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, cultural background, socio-economic status or football ability

RESPECT - Treat other’s how you’d like to be treated

SMJFL Child Safety Video


Click here for the SMJFL Child Safety Promotion Video

DJFC Child Safe Mission Statement

“To provide kids a safe, supportive, inclusive environment which allows players to develop their football skills, have fun and enjoy being part of a team and club.”

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