Coaching of teams in our Club is conducted by volunteers who give freely of their time to foster the sport of basketball.  Getting involved as a coach is an extremely rewarding experience as you see our players develop both their sporting abilities and their character as young people.


Coaching is a wonderful opportunity for:

  • parents to share their own skills (or in fact develop new skills and interests) with their child and his/her team mates;
  • our older experienced players to give back to the sport and Club that has helped develop them by sharing their skills and the Club culture they have helped shape; or
  • members of the community who are experienced in basketball and want to contribute to our Club and enhance the game of basketball to volunteer their services to coach.

Maintaining a pool of quality coaches is perhaps the greatest challenge facing any volunteer sporting organisation and Dragons is not immune to this challenge.  Instigating any new initiatives to help develop our Club and, in turn, our young players requires a team of professional coaches to ensure successful implementation.

Parents, current and former players and other interested people are welcome and encouraged to volunteer their coaching skills and contribute to building a successful and vibrant club well into the future.

You can volunteer to assist as:

  • a team coach or assistant coach

To volunteer please get in touch with our committee.

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