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Honour Rolls


2011 Best and Fairest Ben Sharp & Matt O'Dwyer

Reserves B&F Ben Moloney

Leading Goalkicker Ben McKinley 54 goals


2010 Best and Fairest- Dom Gleeson

Reserves B&F -Matthew Scott

Leading Goalkicker Robbie Castello 39


2009 Best and Fairest- Michael Barlow

Reserves Best and Fairest- Travis Lunardi 

Leading Goalkicker Nathan Thompson 33


2008 Best and Fairest- James Podsiadly

Reserves B&F: J Magnabosco
Leading Goalkicker: J Podsiadly 86more

2007 Best and Fairest- Dominic Gleeson

Reserves B&F: B Lavars
Leading Goalkicker: J Podsiadly 46more

2006 Best and Fairest- Robbie Castello

Reserves B&F: J Walker/T Collins
Leading Goalkicker: J Podsiadly 70more

2005 Best and Fairest- James Podsiadly

Reserves B&F: W Twomey
Leading Goalkicker: J Podsiadly 72more

2004 Best and Fairest- Matthew Croft

Reserves B&F: R Castello
Leading Goalkicker: D Mitchell 43more

2003 Best and Fairest- Travis Robertson

Reserves B&F: P Carson
Leading Goalkicker: D Mitchell 48more

2002 Best and Fairest- Travis Robertson

Reserves B&F: T Baker
Leading Goalkicker: D Mitchell 55more

2001 Best and Fairest- Travis Robertson

Reserves B&F: S Jack
Leading Goalkicker: D Mitchell 51more

2000 Best and Fairest- Michael Frost

Reserves B&F: C Gilham
Leading Goalkicker: P Wiggins 38more

1999 Best and Fairest- Scott Faulkner

Reserves B&F: S Jack
Leading Goalkicker: D Mitchell 45more

1998 Best and Fairest- Michael Frost

Reserves B&F: C Massis
Leading Goalkicker: J Aziz 52more

1997 Best and Fairest- Simon Atkins

Reserves B&F: C Massis
Leading Goalkicker: J Aziz 89more

1996 Best and Fairest- Matthew Mansfield

Reserves B&F: D Mahoney
Leading Goalkicker: J Aziz 68more

1995 Best and Fairest- Lynton Fitzpatrick

Reserves B&F: J Puli
Leading Goalkicker: D McDonald 36more

1994 Best and Fairest- Shaun Smith

Reserves B&F: J Pavlidis
U19's: W Killeen
Leading Goalkicker: S Smith 68more

1993 Best and Fairest- Jason Watts

Reserves B&F: J Taylor
U19's: S Greig
Leading Goalkicker: J Aziz 97more

1992 Best and Fairest- Michael McMaster

Reserves B&F: R Morris
U19's: T Harbottle
Leading Goalkicker: D Taylor 39more

1991 equal Best and Fairest- Darren Morgan


1991 equal Best and Fairest- Anthony Eames

Reserves B&F: C Wright
U19's: C McGough/T Radford
Leading Goalkicker: S Sells 56more

1990 Best and Fairest- David Allday

Reserves B&F: P Cutajar
U19's: A Volpato
Leading Goalkicker: S Sells 51more

1989 Best and Fairest- Damien Christensen

Reserves B&F: A Button
U19's: C Mannagh
Leading Goalkicker: S Sells 62more

1988 Best and Fairest- Stephen Sells

Reserves B&F: D Outen
U19's: D Roderick
Leading Goalkicker: S Sells 59more

1987 Best and Fairest- Chris Vasilou

Reserves B&F: D Gray
U19's: R Edgar
Leading Goalkicker: D Taylor 77more

1986 Best and Fairest- Ian Dunstan

Reserves B&F: B Membrey
U19's: C Fraser
Leading Goalkicker: M Williams 32more

1985 Best and Fairest- Steve Moloney

Reserves B&F: D Grey
U19's: M McKenzie/D Fraser
Leading Goalkicker: A Richardson 39more

1984 Best and Fairest- Ross Christensen

Reserves B&F: M Cooper
U19's: J Burhop
Leading Goalkicker: R Christiansen 30more

1983 Best and Fairest- Gary Parkes

Reserves B&F: D Montgomery
U19's: B Vilcins
Leading Goalkicker: L Simmons 50more

1982 Best and Fairest- Leo King

Reserves B&F: D Burns
U19's: K Keogh
Leading Goalkicker: A Richardson 51more

1981 Best and Fairest- Brian Walsh

Reserves B&F: B Membrey
U19's: M Cooper
Leading Goalkicker: K Leece 70more

1980 Best and Fairest- Bruce Lancaster

Reserves B&F: A Van Andel
U19's: A Barlow
Leading Goalkicker: K Leece 90more

1979 Best and Fairest- Alan Manix

Reserves B&F: A Pagnoccolo
U19's: P Smith
Leading Goalkicker: A Mannix 38more

1978 Best and Fairest- Barry Ough

Reserves B&F: B Hasset
U19's: R Boef
Leading Goalkicker: K Leece 66more

1977 Best and Fairest- Michael Martin

Reserves B&F: A McNaughton
U19's: A Nicolson
Leading Goalkicker: K Leece 82more

1976 Best and Fairest -Stephen Douglas

Reserves B&F: K Tubbs
U19's: A Bourke
Leading Goalkicker: G Shiele 71more

1975 Best and Fairest- John Scarffe

Reserves B&F: V Velisha
U19's: K Beales
Leading Goalkicker: K Norton 40more

1974 Best and Fairest- Jim Bourke

Reserves B&F: S Govan
U19's: J Antonello
Leading Goalkicker: N Mitchell 38more

1973 Best and Fairest - Brian Harvey

Reserves B&F: I Harrington
U19's: K Mason/V Velisha
Leading Goalkicker: N Mitchell 41more

1972 Best and Fairest- Gary Snow

Reserves B&F: B Park
U19's: F Mitchell
Leading Goalkicker: K Leece 46more

1971 Best and Fairest- John Lloyd

Reserves B&F: D Jones
U19's: R Goldberg
Leading Goalkicker: J Hinkley 32more

1970 Best and Fairest- John Comben

Reserves B&F: R Edwards
U19's: L Edwards
Leading Goalkicker: D Lyons 42more

1969 Best and Fairest- Henry Ogilvie

Reserves B&F: J Cunningham
U19's: L Edwards
Leading Goalkicker: D Lyons 31more

1968 Best and Fairest winner- John Comben

Reserves B&F: D Smith
U19's: L Simmons
Leading Goalkicker: P Henley 29more

1967 Best and Fairest winner- Henry Ogilvie

Reserves B&F: L Ritchens
U19's: N McEvoy
Leading Goalkicker: P Henley 55more

1966 Best and Fairest winner- Ralph Turner

Reserves B&F: P Allison
U19's: N McEvoy
Leading Goalkicker: D Lyons 20more

1965 Best and Fairest Winner - Ralph Turner

Reserves B&F: B.Taylor
Under 19: D. Lyons
Leading Goalkicker: S Pante 24more

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