Code of Conduct


The Leichhardt Football Club Executive Committee members have undertaken a new initiative to facilitate the building of a strong and positive club culture by better managing our most valuable assets : “Our Personnel” (players, coaches, supporters and committee members).

The committee has taken this action as we consider this directive to be very important in establishing a standard of performance, behaviour and professionalism to improve and strengthen the integrity, character and good will of the club while ensuring maximum enjoyment for all.

In addition to the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) code of conduct all players, coaches, supporters and officials associated with the Leichhardt Football Club are responsible for:

  • Ensuring their behaviour reflects the standards set down by the club in building a positive and pleasant environment for all.
  • Committee members, coaches, senior players and mentors have a “special responsibility” as they are in a position of authority and trust to support the clubs objective by “leading by example”.
  • All club members are to be treated with respect, courtesy, honesty and fairness and must value the contributions of others. Everyone is empowered and encouraged to actively co-operate and contribute.
  • Under the new committee’s initiative, coaches and players will become more accountable for their actions and must report all disputes, grievances, undesirable practices or behaviour that would unnecessarily bring the game or the club into disrepute. The committee will investigate the matter and the issues will be addressed in an official capacity and in an open and honest environment. All players and coaches must respect the collective resolution and decision making of the clubs executive committee.
  • Although having a strong Italian background, our club is proudly Australian and our members come from a diverse range of cultural and racial backgrounds. We are here for the common purpose of playing football. If you are unable to accept such differences without disparaging attitudes, then the Leichhardt Football Club is not for you.


As part of the MyFootballClub registration process players, committee members, coaches and volunteers must acknowledge that they have read the FFA Code of Conduct. Ultimately under these guidelines the Leichhardt Football Club is responsible for the behaviour of its supporters, players, coaches and officials.

The following non-compliance strategy will be followed if anyone breaches the FFA/Leichhardt Football Club’s Code of Conduct policy with behaviour that brings the game and our club into disrepute.

  • Those identified in breach of a Code of Conduct including players, coaches, supporters or members sanctioned or suspended by match/competition officials will be required to front a disciplinary panel or the club’s Executive Committee and may be liable to additional penalties.
  • Any penalty imposed will be at the discretion of the panel and repeated breaches may result in deregistration and expulsion from the club.


Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and the spectators on their side of the field, specifically if it relates to the referee, coaches, players and spectators on the other team. Read more...


 Players and Officials are the public face of football in Australia and so their behaviour is subject to greater scrutiny. Read more...


As a member of the Leichhardt Football club you are responsible for your own actions and the conduct of your guests. Read more...


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