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In February 1975 A small group of Italian Australians headed by Silvio Canale attended a meeting with theIZMER MARINE AND DIESEL SERVICE view of forming a new club, a club that would embrace and reflect the social, cultural and sporting needs of the growing community.

A formal committee was established to find a suitable playing field and aggressively lobby the Far North Queensland Soccer Federation to enter both a 1st Division and Reserve grade team into the local competition.

After council application, the club was appointed a parcel of swampy land at Buchan St. and was finally granted acceptance into the league in February 1976.

The allocated field was in poor condition and required considerable land fill and top soil to make the surface playable. For those who can remember, the "original clubhouse" was indeed John Bomben's corrugated iron demountable construction shed. It had to be assembled and disassembled each week along with the amenities (two thunder-box toilets) .The average age of the players topped nearly forty, there was no seating, no shade and  patrons sat in their cars or set up deck chairs on the sidelines to watch the game.

From these humble beginnings and at times what seemed to be against all odds, Leichhardt slowly began to exert its authority in the local league, powered by an ambitious committee and a wealth of talented young players that flocked to the club.

The 1976 inaugural season brought  mixed results for the 1st Division  team however the Reserve Grade made its own mark by taking out the Reserve Grade Premiership and Grand Final.

1977 saw a major strengthening of the club with the mass defection of players from both Stratford and Edge Hill. This was the catalyst that propelled Leichhardt to dominate the Cairns soccer league for the next 15 years.

Early Time Line

1976 : Leichhardt Soccer Club was foundered in February 1975 – named after our electoral district. First official game in March 1976. Won Reserve Grade Premiership and Grand     Final in first year.

1977: First major trophy was FA Cup defeating Stratford 3-2 followed by Grand Final win 3-0 over Stratford. First junior team     (under 10) was formed.

1978: First women’s team formed. Purchased 2 hectare of land at White Rock, required over 20,000 m3 of land fill to shape and mould playing surface. Reserve Grade Premiership.

1979: Reserve Grade Premiership.

1980: Field officially opened on June 13th by Catholic Priest Father John Lizio. First ever Premiership win followed by first ever Crad Evans Shield. FA Cup win.. Reserve Grade Premiership. Walpamuir Cup. Tableland Concrete Block Trophy.

1981:     FA Cup. Reserve Grade Grand Final.

1982: Reserve Grade Premiership. North Qld Champions-Reserve Grade. Tableland Concrete Block Trophy.

1983: Clubhouse completed and officially opened by Julie Parker (reigning Miss Queensland) on 16th July 1983 . Reserve Grade Grand Final.

1985: FA Cup win over Stratford . Reserve Grade Premiership and Grand Final. Tableland Concrete Block Trophy. 2nd Division Patrons Cup

1986: Mens Premiership win over Mareeba 2-1,Grand Final win over Mareeba 2-1,Crad Evans win 5-4 over Olympics (Penalty shoot out) Reserve Grade Premiership.Fosters Cup,2nd Div Patrons Cup.

1987: Premiership win over Stratford 4-0, Davin Sakach scoring a hat trick, Reserve Grade Premiership, Grand Final Reserve Grade. Patrons Cup. Northern League Champions.

1988: Mens Premiership, Grand Final ,Northern League Champions, Crad Evans Shield. Reserve Grade Premiership. Patrons Cup

1989: Greatest achievement as the first club to win all senior Premierships.(1st Div / Res /Youth/).4 consecutive premierships for 1st Division, 3 consecutive Reserve Grade premierships, Reserve Grade Grand Final.Partons Cup,3rd Division NQ Champions

1997: Senior Men's Premiership and Grand Final, Ladies Premiership and Grand Final

2000: Ladiies Premiership.Reserve Grade Grand Final

2001: U18 Premiers

2003: U18 Grand Final

2006: Men Premiership, Grand Finalist, North Qld Champions (Crad Evans Shield )

2003~2007: 5 Consecutive Women's Premierships. Grand Final winners 2005,2006,North Qld Champions 2006

2008 : 2nd Division Premiers,NQ Champions and Grand Final Winners. Ladies Grand Finalist, Reserve Grade Grand Finalist.

2009 : Youth Grade FNQ Grand Final winners. Premier Division Grand Finalists. Women's FNQ Premiers. Women's Grand Finalists

2010 : Women's/Ladies Premiers and Grand Finalists, Reserve Grade Grand Final Winners(FNQ Champions) Jimmy Ezses 2010 FNQ Football Hall of Fame.

2011: Women's/Ladies Premiers, Grand Final winners and NQ Champions. Men's Third Division Premiers and Grand Final Winners.

2012: Mazda Cup winners in both Premier Men's and Ladies division. Ladies Grand Final winners, Men's Grand Finalist.

2013: Women's/Ladies Premiers and Grand Finalist.

2015: Under 18 Premiers and Grand Final winners, Premier Reserve Grand Final Winners,Top 4 finish in all Premier divisions.

2016: Reserve Grade and Under 18B Premierships. Runner up in Youth U18B, Youth U18A and Reserve Grade Grand Finals. Reserve Grade NQ Champions (Cred Evans Winners)

2017: Premier Mens Intersport Cup Champions. Premier Ladies Intersport Cup Champions. Ladies Grand Final Winners.

2019: Ladies and 3rd Division Premierships, 3rd Div Grand Final and Crad Evans Winners.

2020: Mens 3rd Division Premiership, Ladies Grand Final Winners.

2022: Premier Mens Champions, Ladies and Reserve Ladies Grand Finalists

2023: Premier Mens chanpions, Womens Premiership,Grand Final and Crad Evans Shield

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