Committee Position Descriptions


President– The President of the Club is accountable to the Members for the overall good Governance of the Club including:

  • Ensuring that there is a documented and published structure for the delivery of the Club’s Programs and to ensure that the structure is populated with appropriately skilled and committed volunteers.
  • That the Club vision, mission and values are appropriate to a sporting club and clearly communicated to all Members.
  • That the Club is operated responsibly and professionally and that Natural Justice principles apply to all dealings.
  • Act as an Ambassador, advocate and promoter of the Club.
  • Ensure that the Club operates in a financially responsible and accountable manner.
  • Ensure that the Club acts legally, morally and ethically in all its dealings.

Secretary The Club Secretary plays an important position within the Club, providing direct support to the President and other committee members. Specific tasks that the Club Secretary will discharge are as follows:

  • Ensure that Committee meetings of the Club are regularly called properly notified to all entitled to attend and are legal.
  • Prepare and distribute the agenda for all meetings of the Club Committee.
  • Prepare true and accurate records of all meetings of the Club Committee and promptly distribute them to all entitled to receive them.
  • Manage the Club records and protect the Clubs’ past heritage.
  • Prepare and distribute the Club newsletter.
  • Prepare and distribute official Committee correspondence.
  • Ensure that the Club mailbox in regularly monitored cleared and that correspondence is promptly brought to the attention of the relevant Club official.
  • Give notice of and convene the Club Annual General Meeting before the end of November in each year in consultation with the Club President.

TreasurerThe Treasurer is the Clubs’ Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Executive of the Committee of Management. The Treasurer is responsible for discharging the stewardship function over all Club funds, setting and up keeping the accounts of the Club to track financial activities, for reporting at least monthly to the Committee on Club financial performance, preparing the Club budget annually and for establishing and monitoring internal control mechanisms and procedures.

Senior / Junior and Ladies Vice PresidentsThe VPs are an important support role to the President of the Club.
The VPs will act as Ambassadors for the Club, act for the President in all official capacities in the absence of the President and support the President and Secretary in particular with the discharge of their official duties.
They will be the Senior and Junior Coaches and Managers respective voice at the committee level. These are critical liaison role within the Club.
The roles are the critical day to day liaison role between the committee and the “Principal operatives” of our Club - our Team Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers

They will be responsible for overseeing all football matters.
(In consultation with the Junior VP and) By adopting current FFA "best practice" programs and procedures, they will develop and promote the club's coaching goals and guidelines. Such information will be provided to the team management panels and the club in general.
They will ensure that all Coaches receive appropriate skills training.
The role also extends to support and mentoring of the Team Management Panels so that they are aware of critical committee decisions that may impact on them operationally, as well as the acceptable coaching guidelines.
They will ensure that the committee is made aware of any support materials, equipment and /or other support that they may need to discharge their roles to the best and most professional standards possible.


Kindy and SSF Coordinator - The Kindy Program and Small Sided Football SSF (ie. Non- Competitive ages) are of such strategic importance to the future of Football in NSW and to the future of Saints FC that it has been determined that it should ideally be under the management of a Coaching Mentor, or a person who is prepared to undertake an equivalent qualification.

They will be responsible for the following;

Recruit sufficient Coaches to reliably and professionally deliver the Program and arrange for those Coaches to receive appropriate skills training through the Football NSW at Club expense.

Liaise with the Coaches, Parent Helpers and volunteers to keep them informed of important directions within the Club and the code that will be of interest to or impact on them.

Represent the equipment or other requirements that the Coaches may need to the Committee to secure support to acquire those items.

Encourage and foster the maximum possible amount of parental participation in the operation of the Program and development of the enrolled children.

Registrar - This role is responsible to the Club Committee and the BDAFA Registrar for ensuring that the Club player records comply with BDAFA rules and By Laws. This is a critical aspect as any lack of compliance in this regard could render the Club and any teams within the Club ineligible to compete in finals.

The Registrar reports to the Club Committee on the profile of our player community, assists with targeting our player recruitment efforts, planning for the introduction of new teams within the Club structure, applying on the Clubs’ behalf with Committee endorsement for any player exemptions to play down, tracking individual players and advising on milestones.

Recorder - Confirms weekly results of teams are entered into Dribl ensuring they meet the requirements of BDAFA

Dribl Co-ordinator - Main administrator of the Dribl platform for the club. Responsible for ensuring all club Coaches & Team Managers are trained in how to use Dribl for game management in line with the requirements of BDAFA

Social Media Co-ordinator – Ideally split between 2-3 people, this role will be a conduit to the various local media outlets using social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Instagram. They will provide information including individual achievements and anything of interest to help promote the club, the code and our sponsors. They will also help promote the Club at Registration time

Webmaster - Maintenance of the club website, updating as required

Gear Steward - The Gear Steward role is a very important support to the operations of the Club -particularly the on field operations. The Club has a significant investment in both short and medium term assets that it uses to support on field activities and these assets need to be ordered, dispatched, maintained, tracked and replaced on a programmed basis.

Ground Co- Ordinator(s) - Ideally, split between two or more people, The Ground Co-ordinator is responsible for all Football Operations matters on home match days including supervising and assisting with the setting up of the Club operational facilities (excluding the canteen) on match days. The Ground Co-ordinator is also the match day “director” and principal point of liaison between Coaches, Team Managers, Referees and spectators. In the absence of a Ground Co-ordinator on match day, a committee member may fulfil this role.

Sponsorship Co- Ordinator(s) - To communicate with existing sponsors and locate new Sponsors where possible. To Keep Sponsors in” the loop” with the club.

Trial Match OrganiserTo assist with the organising of Trial matches with local Football Clubs before the start of the official Football season .

BDAFA Delegate(s) - Ideally shared between 2 people . The role simply requires the delegate to advise the Committee, prepare and submit a written report on any relevant news affecting Saints FC which comes from the monthly meetings. These are held at 730pm on the first Monday of each month at the Bankstown Sports Club.

Committee Members - To help oversee all operations

Member Protection Officer To help the club comply with all aspects of member protection

Returning Officer - Responsible for overseeing elections at AGM. ( nominated at AGM )

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