Self Registration Support

Please follow the instruction below to register online for our club:

 - Go to
 - Search Huskisson Vincentia Football Club
 - Enter in details from last season or create a new account. Ensure you click the right person you are registering.
 - Scroll past coaches packages and go to the bottom one for the age group package.

 - Ensure all details are correct as you go through your details

 - Ensure Active kids rebate voucher is entered to get the $100 off.

 - Complete registration with a credit card and your done.


You will recieve an email at the time of registration with an invoice and a headline:

Your registration to Football - Pending approval

****You will be in a pending approval until our registerer manually goes in and activates you as a player. This process can be time consuming so please be patient.****


Once our registerer has actived your registration you will then recieve another email from PlayFootball stating:

Your registration to Football is now active. 

The process is then complete.



NOTE: Please ensure you enter the active rebate voucher in the payment section to get the $100 off.


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