2024 Board & Committee

Director, Chairman: Ian Osterloh ~ HVFCpresident@gmail.com Contact No: 0422 100 057

Director, Vice Chairman: Gary Niemeier   0413 041 050  HVFC.vpresident@gmail.com

Director, Secretary, Public Officer & Ladies contact: Ellen Griffiths ~ Contact:  Email:hvfcsecretary1@gmail.com or 0492 808 257

Director, Treasurer: Leanne Betts  Contact: hvfc.treasurer1@gmail.com

Director, Registrar:  Justine Oliver Contact: hvfcrego@gmail.com

Groundsman: Chris 'Angry' Gamble  0432 354 707

Senior Men Coaching Coordinator: Gary Niemeier- 0413 041 050  HVFC.vpresident@gmail.com

Junior Coaching Coordinator: Tony Hobbs HVFC.juniors1@gmail.com

Minis Coordinator: Luka Garrett Contact: hvfc.minis@gmail.com

Equipment Officer: Nathan Byron - hvfc.equipment1@gmail.com

Canteen Managers: Leanne Betts, Karen Hobbs, Ellen Griffiths, Mel Briggs

Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator:  Bree Capel Email: sponsorhvfc@gmail.com

Historian:  Ray Tweedie  email: rorytweed@aapt.net.au   Mobile: 0402 305 443

Seniors: Gary Niemeier

Womens: Ellen Griffiths





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