MiniRoos U6-U9

Registration for 2022

Step by step guide

  1. Understand the key dates
  2. Understand age groups
  3. Know your team preferences
  4. Register online
  5. Come to MiniRoos skills sessions
  6. Get ready to play!

If you have any questions after reading this page please contact the club Miniroos Registrar via


Step 1 - Understand the key dates

Registrations close Friday 25 March 2022

Games start on Saturday 30 April 2022 (Week 1 of Term 2) and run through to 17 September. Matches are not scheduled during school holidays.

Step 2 - Understand age groups

The club runs club-based Open (mixed) competitions in the U6 to U9 age groups and Girls competitions in the U8 to U9 age groups.

Players should generally register for the age which they are turning in 2022, or the year they are in at school:

Birth year Age group School year
2016 U6 Kindergarten
2015 U7 Year 1
2014 U8 Year 2
2013 U9 Year 3

Children born in 2017 enrolled in Kindergarten at Primary School this year, may register in U6.

Step 3 - Team preferences

While every effort is made to fulfill special requests regarding team placement, this is not always possible

MiniRoos players are generally placed into teams using three criteria:

  • Retaining the same teams from previous years
  • Playing with friends
  • Playing with children from the same school

If you like would to play with a specific group of children, please include your team preferences in the Additional Questions part of the PlayFootball registration process.

If you intend coaching or managing, recruit your team and ask parents to include when registering that they wish to be in the team coached by "xxx" or managed by "yyy" or playing with child "vvv" from "St Judes Primary School" etc. The more detail the better as it helps us to place your child in the correct team.

In each team, there is an absolute maximum of 6 players in under 6s and 7s and 9 players in under 8s and 9s. Increased numbers reduces game time for each players and makes managing "equal game time" difficult for all.

Step 4 - Register online

Click the link to register online with PlayFootball -

Note: there is no need to claim a discount code unless you meet the criteria below for an additional fee reduction.

Package Payment when registering
Registration open $185

Unless otherwise arranged with the club Treasurer (, all payments must be made via PlayFootball

Coaches and managers

Note that all coaches and managers for MiniRoos are required to register (free of charge) and to hold a Working With Vulnerable People card or have applied for one.

Register to Coach | Register as a Team Manager

Step 5 - Come to the MiniRoos skills sessions

The club will be running MiniRoos skills sessions on the following Saturdays:

5,12,19,26 February, 5 March and 2 April.

The program is free and will enable children to develop skills while the club confirms the team formations for the season.

All registered U6 to U9 players are encouraged to attend. NOTE: if your child is not registered by midday on the Friday before one of these sessions are scheduled, they cannot attend until the next scheduled session (no exceptions). This is due to the high volume of players participating and we need to prepare equipment and coaches the night beforehand. Many thanks for your understanding.

Sessions are 45 minutes and the times for specific age groups are below:

U6 9.00am

U7 10.00am

U8 11.00am

U9 12.00pm

All players MUST wear shinpads and bring their own water bottle.

The club's COVIDsafe plan must be followed:

  • If your child is feeling unwell they should stay at home
  • All players must bring their own water bottle
  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to wait in the car
  • Parents/guardians on the grounds must apply the 1.5m social distancing rule
  • You must leave the venue after the session ends

Step 6 - Get ready for kick off!

All MiniRoos U6-U9 games are held on Saturdays at the Waramanga Playing Fields.

Your child's Coach or Team Manager will provide information about training.

Draws will be available closer to the start of the season.

For more information, please see the Miniroos Program page on this website.



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