Senior referees

There is a widely acknowledged shortage in the number of qualified referees for senior football in the ACT. WMFC acknowledges that it is the responsibility of everyone in the football community to address this shortage, and we have two specific avenues to increase the number of referees available for senior games.

Supporting members to become qualified referees

To become a qualifed referee, members must complete the Level 4 Referee Course offered by Capital Football. This course is designed for new referees of all ages who want to referee football (It is recommended for new referees aged 15 years and above). At the completion of this course you will be able to referee 11 v 11 matches.

This course has both theory and practical components and takes 16 hours spread over two days (9am – 3pm). Cost $100 includes course fees, 2013 Law Book and registration as a Capital Football Referee. The Level 4 referee course is accredited by FFA. It is great way to be involved in community football, develop leadership skills, improve confidence, develop communication skills and earn some money. The Level 4 Referee qualification provides the pathway to senior and elite refereeing.

WMFC will reimburse the full amount of course costs for new referees after they complete their first season. Simply email the receipt for the course to to claim the refund.

Reimbursing players who volunteer to referee

We recognise that may State League teams will be required to referee their own games during the season. Players should keep a note of which games they referee during the year and submit the list to at the end of the season. This list will be cross-referenced against the games that no referee was allotted to, and players will be reimbursed for half of the fees that a qualified referee would have received. This is to encourage players to gain their full qualification and become appointed referees, while also rewarding their extra service.

For more information on refereeing and a calendar of courses, please visit the Capital Football refereeing site here.

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