Wet Weather

Unfortunately wet weather affects our games and it does not always give us time to communicate to all members and players of the changes. We have added below links to the Mid Coast Council web sites that provide information on ground closures. You should check these before each game if you are unsure. Wet weather games are postponed until the following Sunday for competitive games in most cases and will take place at the same time and place unless otherwise notified. Non-comptetive games are not re-scheduled.

Usually announcements are made on the radio, 2RE and MAX FM on Saturday mornings about game postponements so please listen to these stations to get up to date information as well.

You can access details for all grounds in the Football Mid North Coast region at this link https://fmncnewsandwetweather.teamapp.com/articles


Manning Valley Region Ground Closure Link -  http://taree.cc/play/sporting-facilities/ground-closures/

Great Lakes Region Ground Closure Link - http://midcoast.greatlakes.nsw.gov.au/Community-Recreation/Sporting-Field-Closures