Life Members

Valentine Eleebana Football Club Incorporated
Life Members
1977 Mrs C. Easton
1978 Mr A King*
1983 Mr D Foreman
1983 Mrs E Willis
1984 Mrs A Harris (Coleman)
1984 Mr B Mason
1986 Mr R Hutchison
1987 Mrs L Mason*
1990 Mr C Edwards
1992 Mrs M Foreman
1994 Mr R Austin
1996 Mr T Herzog
1999 Mr T Rhoades-Brown
1999 Mr R Poole
2005 Mr W Read
2008 Mr B Potter
2009 Mr W Beacher
2009 Mr P Brown
 2014 Mr B Wiiliams
 2014 Mr S Screen
  # deceased
At the 2012 Annual General Meeting of Valentine Eleebana Football Club Incorporated, it was voted upon and accepted unanimously that Full Life Membership of VEFC Inc shall be awarded to those people holding Life Membership of the following clubs that have merged with VEFC  and any others that may do so in the future.
Valentine Cookers FC
Phoenix Rangers FC (previously Stewart and Lloyds,Tubemakers established in 1938)
Belmont Tingira FC
Accordingly the following are declared Life Members of VEFC Inc
F Bond (deceased)  ex Phoenix Rangers
D Powell    ex Phoenix Rangers
G McCallum   ex Phoenix Rangers
K Lorrie    ex Phoenix Rangers
P Butterworth  ex Phoenix Rangers
W Cooper ex Belmont Tingira
R Dear ex Belmont Tingira
Steven Screen

August 2015

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