Fixtures on Squadi

Your 2024 Fixtures and Results can be found using these links.

Desktop Squadi - Warners Bay FC (Community) - Select your Competition and Age Group.

Better still, download the Squadi app

Step 1. Download the App



Step 2. Select ‘Follow a Team', then search and select for Warners Bay FC (Community). Here you can search or select your team.

Viewing Draws and Match Statistics- Select ‘Draws’ from the bottom menu. Here you can select the info icon and view score breakdown, Action log, starting formation (if being used) and player statistics.

Viewing the Ladder- Select the ladder icon from the bottom menu. Here you can scroll across to view each column of the ladder.

Adding and editing teams from your watchlist- Select ‘Ladders or Draws’ then select the edit icon in the top right corner. Here you can remove teams or add additional teams by searching your club.

All Age Women C Grade

All Age Women D Grade

All Age Saturday D Grade

All Age Saturday K Grade

All Age Friday C Grade

All Age Friday J Grade

All Age Friday M Grade

Over 35 Friday E Grade

Over 35 Saturday C Grade

U12 H Grade

U12 Girls D Grade

U13 C Grade

U13 E Grade

U13 Girls C Grade

U14 C Grade

U16 A Grade

U16 B Grade

U16 C Grade

U16 Girls 1 B Grade

U16 Girls 2 B Grade

U17 C Grade

U18 Girls A Grade

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