President: Nathan Errington

Vice President: Peter Beith

Secretary: Jenny Bailey     

Treasurer: Max Shirley      

Registrar: Aaron Hughes        

Member Protection Officer: Craig Paul

Gear Steward: Ezekiel Gentle

Social Media: Kaitlyn Beith  

Ground Status

Lambton Jaffas JFC Ground Status:

Harry Edwards: Closed

Lambton Oval: Closed

DATE: Wednesday 25th May

 Note :

Club Meeting Dates

Monthly Meeting:

Next meeting is: Mon 9th May

Starting: 6.30pm Sharpe

Waterboard Bowling Club

All teams must be represented by at least one person.


Notice Board


Waratah General Practice




Lambton Foot Clinic


Fiducian Financial Services


Kingsgrove Sports Store


The Mark Hotel


Newcastle Tile Co.

Newcastle Tile Company

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