Life Members


1967 Mr L Gageler  
1968 Mr R Jones  
1969 Mr J Neave  
1971 Mr A Davies  
1972 Mr L Odgers  
1974 Mr L Holingshed  
1975 Mr S Robertshaw  
1976 Mrs E Odgers  
1977 Mr D Morrow  
1977 Mr B Stowe  
1978 Mr J Howe  
1979 Mr A Morrow  
1980 Mrs G Taylor  
1981 Mr C Stafford  
1982 Mr D Buckley  
1983 Mr D Mayo  
1984 Mr R Young  
1986 Mr L Taylor  
1988 Mr B Tuttlebee  
1991 Mrs B Ure  
1994 Mr R Thompson  
1995 Mr P Standen  
1997 Mr D Gregory  
1998 Mr R Martin  
1999 Mr G Asquith  
2000 Mrs L Martin  
2002 Mrs S Thompson  
2006 Mr G Robb  
2006 Mrs M Howe  
2009 Mr I Nesbit  
2009 Mr M Taylor  

Mr S Travis


 Mr J Bower


 Mrs S Bower

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