Lameroo have a very long, proud and successful history within the Lameroo & District and Pinnaroo & District Associations. During this time it was known as basketball not netball. In March 1952, the Lameroo Basketball Club was formed and registered two teams in The Lameroo & District Basketball Association, The Kangas & The Rovers. In 1955 Kangas and Rovers had a name change to Lameroo North (Kangas) and Lameroo South (Rovers) when they began to follow the lead of the football in The Lameroo & District Basketball Association. It wasn't until 1973 that basketball became known as netball.

Nearing the end of 1990, the depletion of numbers in football and netball for both Lameroo North and Lameroo South Clubs, they conceded it was time to merge and become The Lameroo Hawks. The inaugural meeting of the Lameroo "Hawks" Netball Club was held on October 25th 1990 in preparation for the1991 season.

The Lameroo Hawks uniform has had many changes with-in these 16 years, but all the while has remained predominantly black and gold. In the early stages after the merger it was agreed that the uniform would comprise colours of both Lameroo North (black & white) and Lameroo South (blue & gold). Due to ever changing fabrics and designs, in 2006 after much deliberation and consultation, The Lameroo Hawks Netball Club moved to implement the body suits over the traditional black pleated skirt and gold polo top. The Lameroo Hawks Netball Club and The Lameroo Hawks Football Club follow the same program.

Hawks Life Members

Mrs Daphne Miegel, Mrs Lee Huddleston, Mrs Maureen Steinborner, Mrs Jo Trowbridge (dec), Mrs Charmain Altus, Mrs Muriel Walter, Mrs Diane Traeger, Mrs Jillian Rundle, Mrs Carol Haskell, Mrs Glenda Walter, Mrs Suzanne Barrett, Mrs Charmaine Sherman, Mrs Cheryl Maynard