Training Drills

For new coaches it can be quite daunting to start coaching any age group. For younger children the focus should really be on developing skills rather than worrying about winning games. Training is where you, as the coach, get the opportunity to help your players learn the skill required to enjoy playing games.

The basics should form over half of most sessions for younger teams. This would include learning:

  • the rules of basketball
  • basics like catching, bouncing, passing, pivoting and shooting
  • understanidng of teamwork
  • about respect for coaches and volunteers, teammates, opposition and officials

Having a set plan for a training session is key to feeling in control and making the most of the time that you have. 

For young kids skill based games can be a great way to keep the kids engaged.

Below are some videos to help get you think about drills you may want to incorporate into you sessions.

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Ball handling drills

5 minute dribbling routine

Basic ball handing drills

Using an agility ladder




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