Wembley Junior Basketball teams were formed in 1997, founded as a Club in March 2001 by a group of parents of children attending Wembley Primary School, and incorporated in 2006.

We are a non-profit organisation, which is run by parents on a voluntary basis. Whilst each basketball team plays under the school name, it is not a school basketball club.

The school supports the Club by way of making the hall available for training, providing access to the school newsletter and developing an interest in basketball at the school. However the school is not responsible for the Club’s organisation, insurance requirements or financial viability. 

 See a brief note from Nicole Jarry who started the Club:

"My eldest child Rachel started Wembley Primary School in 1997 and as I had always been involved in basketball playing and coaching from a young age, I thought it would be great for the kids to get involved in a team sport. I volunteered to train and teach some of the kids how to play basketball and got about 7-8 kids along every week for a session. After about 3 months of training I decided to enter a team in the u/8’s mixed league – we had five girls and 2 boys and called ourselves Wembley Wonders.

We played a couple of seasons and then as they went up to u/10’s we split into two – boys & girls. We then had another u/8’s team made up mostly of siblings and as time went on more and more teams started. I was founder and president of this club and for quite a few years coaching 2-3 teams mostly girls due to the involvement of my daughters.

There were a few parents that put in a lot of time and effort including Paul Jones, Sharon Jones and Jo Depalma."

Rachael Jarry went on to become a star for the Australian National team the Opals and play in the WNBA.

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