Hall Roster


The Club trains in the hall at Wembley Primary School (32 St Leonards Ave, Yarraville). The Club contributes financially to the maintenance of the floor and basketball fixtures of the hall.

The hall is used by the school and by the Out of School Hours program (OSHC). Generally we get access to the hall after 6pm during Winter (term 2 & 3) and Summer (term 1 and 4).

Please ensure that when training:

  • you do not interfere with the out of hours school program
  • that the hall is swept before training begins each evening and again after the last training session
  • that all balls and other club equipment is returned to its storage location
  • players are escorted into the hall and if the coach or team manager are notified if parents are not going to stay at training
  • siblings or other children are monitored in the hall
  • traning starts and finishes at the assigned time

Allocation of training times

As a Club we try to accommodate all requests for time slots. The general rule is that yournger teams get first preference to the early time slots. Each season we review the new teams coming in and adjust the schedule. Training is generally limited to 45 minutes to fit everybody in. 

Unless you only have one team training on the court, each team is allocated a half to train on. Coaches training at the same time have the option to organise full court drills if they want to.

Not Training? 

If teams are not intending to train for any reason then the Committee needs to be notified ASAP. For first time slot holders it is imperative that you report if you are NOT intending to train otherwise OSHC will lock the hall. This has a knock on effect to all teams that come after you. For all others, an open and unattended hall will cause the club to lose the facility.  

Enquiries about hall traninig please email registrar@wembleybasketball.com.au and president@wembleybasketball.com.au.


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