Information for Parents/Players

Basketball is played at Altona and Westgate (Footscray) throughout the year and is generally divided into 2 seasons:

Winter: April – October
Summer: October – May

The competition at Altona is generally conducted as follows:

Monday Night Wednesday Night Friday Night Saturday Morning Saturday Night
Under 18 Boys Under 18 Girls Under 8 Mixed Under 10 Girls Under 14 Boys
    Under 10 Boys Under 12 Boys & Girls Under 16 Boys
    Under 12 Boys Under 14 Girls  
      Under 16 Girls  


Code of Conduct/Behaviour

Parents and guardians should be aware of and agree to the general Code of Conduct the Club volunteers abide by. Please review the code of conduct and make sure you also adhere to it when involved with the Club at training, games and any other Wembley Junior Basketball Club events. 

Coach + Team Manager + Parent Support = Partnership to a successfully run Wembley Team

Remember your child's Coach and Team Manager are both volunteers and often just parents like yourself. Treat them with respect, they are putting in time to help develop your kids. Help them when you can. More hands make light work but allow them the space to undetake their role.

Do not coach from the sideline or yell out to players at any point durig the game. This can be confusing to players and counter productive to what the coach is trying to achieve. By all means cheer good play. If you feel you have something to offer, speak to the coach after the game or at training.

Review the Code of Conduct/Behaviour.

New player requirements

Players are grouped into two year ages bands (u8’s, u10’s, u12’s etc). A player may play in a higher level age grouping not more than one level above their eligible age. For example an 11 year old player is able to play in either Under 12s (their eligible age) or Under 14s (one level above their age) but not in Under 16s (two levels above their age). All age group competitions are split by gender except for the u8’s who can play as a mixed team.

Clearances and Transfers

Transfers from other clubs or to Wembley Junior Basketball Club require clearance approval and signoff of the ABBA transfer form by the President of the Club or their representative. Please contact the Registrar for details. Note that specific rules apply for representative players who wish to join teams. If the player is currently playing or has previously played representative basketball or has attended representative selection tryouts they will be subject to scrutiny form the ABBA committee for any transfer.

For more information please contact the Club President.

New Player Timeline

  1. Register your interest to have a player play by sending an email to the Registrar at You may be put on a waiting list (read below)
  2. Complete basic training (This may occur before registering interest above) - Mini Gators at Altona or Hoop time at Westgate or an alternative clinic is recommended to get your little one started and see if they have an interest in playing
  3. Have confirmation of allocation to Wembley team from the Registrar. This is not always easy so please be patient. If we don't have a spot at Wembley we will try to assist with getting your child into another team locally
  4. Agree with team coach/team manager start date
  5. Complete registration and payment
  6. Have fun

If you have any queries please contact the Club Registrar.

Training for beginners

There are introductory basketball programs for children to learn the basics of basketball before playing competition, including the Altona Bay Basketball Association's "Mini-Gators" junior introduction program. It is not necessary for your child to attend these programs prior to joining the Wembley Junior Basketball Club, but it does help with skill development. For further information regarding these programs see the Altona Bay Basketball Assocation website or Westgate Basketball Association website.

The Club also has relationships with professional sporting bodies and coaches and will occasionally run clinics for new players based on demand. Please discuss with your coach or team manager for more details.

Waiting Lists

The club maintains a waiting of players who are interested in joining teams. Preference will be given within teams to players who were born in the same year as their teammates. This allows the team to stay together as they move through the age groups every two years (eg u8, u10, u12 etc). 

Note: Wembley Junior Basketball Club does not grade on ability so the players can maintain friendships throughout their time at the Club. The Club is proud to have teams that have been part of the Club from u8’s right through to u21’s.

For details on any of the waiting list players or if you wish to be added to the list please contact the club registrar at


Each registered player is covered by insurance taken out under the Altona Bay Basketball Association and Basketball Victoria. This covers both games and training. However, it is imperative that any injury incurred during the course of a match is documented on the back of the score sheet and signed by the referee. If an injury occurs at training then it must be reported to a Committee member immediately wtih details. See Injury Policy.

If an injury is sustained during the course of a season, an exemption may be sought to enable the player to participate in the finals if that player has not played enough games to qualify. A medical certificate is required within two weeks of the injury first occurring.

It is recommended that members read the insurance cover and make their own decision on whether they obtain private health insurance to cover your children. As with any sport there is the likelyhood of injury.

Read more about the Basketball Victoria Insurance that the Club and members are covered under.


There are tournaments during the year that teams may like to enter. Generally these run over a long weekend.

Altona runs the Western Region Tournament for domestic teams. This can be a great way to quickly develop players with many games over a weekend period. It is also great for team bonding. If you would like to enter a team into a tournament please discuss with the Committee as we have payed for entry fees in the past.


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