Footy 101



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Australian Rules Football (also known as footy) is a field sport that combines the skills of soccer, rugby, hockey, and basketball. It is a fast-paced and exciting game that requires physical fitness and determination.



  • Kick the ball through the middle posts to score 6 points (also known as a goal)
  • Kick the ball through the outside posts to score 1 point (also known as a behind)
  • If the ball is touched by the opposing team, only 1 point is counted


Playing Surface

  • A 150-metre long and 130-metre wide oval, which equals 2.5 football fields
  • 18 players per side
  • Goal posts at each end



  • Soccer style positions - two forward lines, a centre line, and two back lines
  • Three additional players are designated to chase the ball around the field


What do you do when you get the ball?

1) Run

  • You are allowed to run 10m with the ball
  • If you wish to run further, you must bounce or touch the ball to the ground

2) Hand Pass

  • Hand pass by hitting the ball out of your hand with a closed fist
  • You may hand pass in any direction

3) Kick

  • If you kick the ball at least 10m and another player catches it, they "mark" the ball and receive a free kick
  • At any point you can hand pass the ball or move off the "mark" and the play becomes live


What can you do if you don't have the ball?

1) Shepherd

  • If you're within 5m of the ball, you can shepherd (block) another player with your shoulder or back to impede an opponent
  • A block can protect your teammates from a tackle or give them extra time to move the ball down the field

2) Tackle

  • You may tackle an opponent only if they have the ball in their possession
  • All tackles must be between the knee and shoulder
  • You may not push or hit someone from behind


Free Kicks

Beyond improper tackles, free kicks are also awarded for:

  • Improper disposal: if a tackle causes the player to drop the ball without properly hand passing or kicking the ball.
  • Running too far: if a player carries the ball for more than 10m
  • Holding the ball: if a player fails to quickly get rid of the ball and is tackled


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