Club Awards

Spurrell Medal

Spurrell Medal

The highest individual award presented by the Ottawa Swans each season is the Ottawa Swans Best and Fairest player. The award is presented to the player deemed to have the best and fairest season of all the Ottawa Swans. Since 2008, the recipient of the award has received the Spurrell Medal. The winner also has their name inscribed on the Best and Fairest Trophy.

Ottawa Swans Keane Coachs Award

Keane Coach's Award

The Coach's Award is given to the player that best demonstrates, throughout the season, the true spirit of the Ottawa Swans Australian Football Club. It is given not only for hard work and personal improvement, but for a willingness to understand, to learn, to enter into a partnership with coach and teammates in an effort to improve their own game as well as the teammates around them.

Ottawa Swans Rookie Of The Year

Rookie Of The Year

Rookie of the Year is handed out to the Swans best first year player, this player is considered to have not only played the most consistent football of all other rookies but also to have taken steps to improve his own game.

Ottawa Swans Most Improved

Most Improved Player

The Most Improved player of the year award is handed out to the player that has demonstrated the most improved game over the course of the year through skills, determination and commitment to his teammates.

Ottawa Swans Volunteer Of The Year

Volunteer Of The Year

The Volunteer of the Year award is given to the Swans volunteer who has shown unwavering dedication and commitment to the club, whether performing game day duties or working behind the scenes to secure the Swans future.  This person, as with all Swans volunteers, is highly respected and appreciated by all within the club.

Ottawa Swans Best Canadian

Best Canadian Player

The Best Canadian Player award is given to the best and fairest Canadian born player.  The player will not only have shown the skills and consistent football required in the OAFL but also demonstrated the leadership qualities needed to develop other Canadian born players in the sport.


Best Defender

The Best Defender award is given to a Swans women's player that has displayed accountable defensive football throughout the regular season. This player may not spend all their time in the back line but will play two way football and show a commitment to win the one percenters consistently over the course of the year.more
Ottawa Swans Most Consistent

Most Consistent Player

The Most Consistent Player award is given to the Swans player that has played the most consistent football throughout the regular season, this player may not have been a star player every game, however, has demonstrated the ability to play at a consistent level over the course of the year.

Ottawa Swans Leading Goal Kicker

Leading Goal Kicker

The Goal Kicking award is given to the Swans player that kicks the most goals in OAFL games during the regular season each year.

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