Club Records

Playing a high amount of games in Australian football is an achievement in its own right.  While the Ottawa Swans are a young team, it will not be long before the club has a list of players reaching milestones in the coming years.  Traditionally these milestones are considered to be 50 Games, 100 Games, 150 Games and every 50 games thereafter. 

50 Games

2011 Jake Plunkett-Latimer 16th July, Round 9 vs Broadview Hawks @ Ottawa
  Darren Roffey 20th August, Round 13 vs Broadview Hawks @ Toronto
2013  Nic Desson  15th June, Round 4 vs Toronto Dingos @ Ottawa 
  Zac Plunkett-Latimer  
  Chris Lockhart  
2014 Jay Goldhawk  
  Michaell Beall  
2015  Michael Kozlowski  

100 Games

2015  Jake Plunkett-Latimer July 18th, Round 8 vs Toronto Eagles @ Humber South  


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