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Alcohol Policy







1        PURPOSE

This policy outlines our procedures for a balanced and responsible approach to the service, supply, consumption and promotion of alcohol at club games, special events, functions and other club-related activities. It represents our club’s commitment to its members, volunteers and visitors, acknowledging the role that sporting clubs and associations play in building strong and healthy communities.

This policy will help to ensure our club:

  • meets its duty of care in relation to the health and safety of our members, volunteers and visitors who attend any club games, special events, functions and other activities where alcohol may be consumed;
  • upholds the reputation of our club, our sponsors and partners;
  • understands the risks associated with alcohol misuse and our role in minimising this risk;
  • complies with a valid liquor licence* and associated terms and conditions.

2        RATIONALE

Olinda Ferny Creek Football Netball Club (OFCFNC) recognises the legal responsibilities and the financial and social benefits of holding and/or operating a liquor licence* in the community.  Level 3 Accreditation under the Good Sports program requires us to implement practices and policies regarding the responsible management of alcohol.  As such, we will adhere to liquor licensing laws* and the criteria of the Good Sports program.


  • a risk management approach will be taken in planning events and activities involving the sale, supply or consumption of alcohol. Such events and activities will be conducted and managed in a manner consistent with liquor licensing legislation and this policy;
  • alcohol misuse can lead to risk taking, unsafe, unacceptable and/or illegal behaviour. Excessive consumption of alcohol will not be an excuse for unacceptable behaviour, particularly behaviour that endangers others or breaches the law, this policy or any other policy of the club.



While engaging in club activities it is expected that members, volunteers and visitors will:-

  • accept responsibility for their own behaviour, take a responsible approach and use good judgment when alcohol is available;
  • encourage and assist others to use good judgment when alcohol is available;
  • not compete, train, coach or officiate if affected by alcohol;
  • not provide, encourage or allow people aged under 18 years to consume alcohol;
  • not participate, pressure anyone or encourage excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol (including drinking competitions);
  • not provide alcohol only as an award to a player or official for any reason;  
  • not post images on social media of themselves or others drinking alcohol irresponsibly at club-related activities.


Our Club will ensure that:

  • a current and appropriate liquor licence is maintained;
  • the club’s liquor licence is prominently displayed at the bar service point (as required by state law);
  • all mandatorily required liquor licence signage will be prominently displayed at the bar service point;
  • only Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) trained and qualified personnel will be permitted to serve alcohol at the bar;
  • the names of these personnel and their relevant RSA qualification details will be retained for ready reference in the bar area;
  • servers of alcohol will not consume alcohol when on duty;
  • Information Posters about ‘Standard Drink Measures’ will be displayed prominently near where alcohol is served;
  • An Incident Register will be maintained (at the bar/canteen) and any alcohol-related incident will be recorded on the Register;
  • Substantial food (requiring preparation and/or heating) will be available when alcohol is available for more than 90 minutes, and more than 15 people are present. Healthy food options will be provided, where possible;
  • Alcohol is not advertised, promoted, served or consumed at junior games;
  • We will promote to members courses that provide education on responsible consumption of alcohol including RSA.

5.1     Service of Alcohol

Alcohol will be served strictly in accordance with the various conditions stipulated in  the Club’s Limited Licence - with the safety and well-being of members and visitors the absolute priority.  Our club will ensure:-

  • only RSA trained bar servers with current qualifications will serve alcohol;
  • bar servers are not permitted to drink liquor while serving alcohol;
  • standard drink measures are used for non pre-packaged alcohol (e.g. drinks in glasses) where possible;
  • servers are aware of standard drink sizes and are competent in measuring standard drinks;
  • the service of double measures of spirits is discouraged;
  • free water will always be available at the bar;
  • tea and coffee will be available during social functions;
  • people aged under 18 years are not permitted to go behind the bar during operational periods, and do not serve alcohol under any circumstances;
  • excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol is not encouraged.  This means we do not conduct happy hours, cheap drink promotions or drinking competitions;
  • a committee member or committee designated responsible adult will be present at all times when alcohol is being served, and ensure guests of members are signed in.

5.2  Intoxicated People

  • alcohol will not be served to any person who is intoxicated;
  •  servers will follow procedures for dealing with and refusing alcohol to intoxicated persons as provided in their RSA training ;
  • if a person becomes intoxicated or drunk, he/she will be asked to leave our club premises immediately - and offered safe transport options where practicable.   Police may also be contacted to assist in the removal of the person to avoid or deal with conflict or patron safety issues ;
  • alcohol related incidents and any relevant action taken will be recorded in our club’s Incident Register;
  • we will prominently display taxi phone numbers adjacent to the bar service point.

5.3  Underage Drinking

  • alcohol will not be served to persons aged under 18 years;
  • bar staff will request proof of age where there is doubt  -  only photo ID will be accepted;
  • bar servers and committee members will ask for proof of age, whenever the age of a patron requesting alcohol is in doubt – if they look under 25 years they will be asked for ID;
  • only photo ID’s will be accepted as ‘proof of age’;
  • our club will notencourage the drinking of alcohol in the club change-rooms, in order to reduce the risk of minors being served alcohol illegally.

5.4  Availability of Non-Alcoholic and Low Alcohol Drinks

Our club recognises that not all club members will drink alcohol.  Alcohol is not the only revenue stream available. Our club actively encourages the sale of alternative non alcoholic products and will ensure that:  

  • water is provided free of charge (where available);
  • at least four non-alcoholic drink types and one low-alcoholic drink option is always available, and priced at least 10% cheaper than the cheapest full strength drink. Healthy drink options will be provided wherever possible;
  • non-alcoholic drinks are clearly visible and adequate in variety and supply.

6        FUNCTIONS

Our club will encourage safe celebrations and events by not:-

  • conducting functions where a minimum amount of liquor sales is required;
  • promoting or hosting ‘all you can drink’ functions;
  • providing alcohol-only drink vouchers for functions.
  • including alcohol in the price of function tickets.

Advertisements for functions will promote safe celebrations by:

  • not over-emphasising the availability of alcohol or referring to the amount of alcohol available;
  • not encouraging rapid drinking or excessive drinking;
  • giving equal reference to the availability of non-alcoholic drinks;
  • promote the setting up of designated drivers;
  • displaying a clear start and finish time for the function;
  • wherever practicable a safe transport message will be marketed before and during the function/event.


Our club recognises that driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is hazardous to individuals and the wider community.  Accordingly, our club implements a Safe Transport Policy that is reviewed regularly in conjunction with this Alcohol Management Policy.  We request that all attendees at our functions plan their transport requirements to ensure they arrive home safely, and pro-actively mitigate against any incidents of driving under the influence of alcohol.

8        CLUB TRIPS

Our club will monitor and ensure any club trips, particularly end of season player trips, strictly adhere to responsible behaviour and alcohol consumption in accordance with the principles of this policy and the values of the club.


Our club will avoid providing awards (e.g. at end of season presentations) and fundraising prizes that have an emphasis on alcohol as a reward.


Our club will:

  • educate members, volunteers and visitors about our policy and the benefits of having such a policy;actively participate in the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program, with an ongoing priority to achieve/maintain the highest Good Sports accreditation.
    • ensure this policy is easily accessible and will promote it via our website, newsletters, social media, and announcements during events and functions;
    • actively demonstrate its attitude relating to the responsible use of alcohol and promote positive messages through its social media platforms;
    • pursue non-alcohol sponsorship and revenue sources;


Club committee members will uphold this policy.  Any non-compliance by members/patrons, particularly in regard to Licencing Laws*, will be handled according to the following process:-

  • explanation of the policy and/or the legislation to the person (s) concerned, including identification of the section of policy or law that is not being complied with;
  • referring to Executive Committee member (s) any continued non-compliance with this policy.  Those committee members will use their discretion as to what immediate and  follow up action is to be taken.  If no Executive Committee members are present, then at least two General Committee members should promptly address the issue.  Follow up actions may include asking the person/ people to leave the facilities or function, and potentially referring the incident for disciplinary action within the framework of the club constitution;
  • the Committee of Management has strict liability for any breaches of the licensing laws detected at our club by Victoria Police or VCGLR*.  On a proactive basis Committee members will oversight liquor sales and consumption at the club on a vigorous risk management basis.


*     Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.


The presence of a person who has current RSA qualifications and/or a committee member is essential to ensure compliance with this policy and liquor licensing laws - whenever our bar is open and selling alcohol.


This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to club operations, and -reflects both community expectations and legal requirements. 

Next policy review date is August, 2019



CONTACT:        Mick Beattie  (Committee)

PHONE:            0408 107376   

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