Introduction & pre 1914

Pre 1914 and  1921 onwards.

Steven Scott completed this overview- scroll to below to read the amazing match reports from pre 1914.

Ferny Creek Formed in 1910 No records until 1921 so unknown what seasons they participated.

Olinda Football Club Formed in 1908 disbanded in 1914 Premiers in 1910, beating Ferny Creek United.

Both clubs were memebrs of the inaugural Mountain District Football League formed in 1911. Two other clubs, Belgrave and Monbulk also joined the four club League.

Ferny Creek 1921 Mountaineer Football league

Ferny Creek 1922 - 1924 Mountain District Football league

Ferny Creek 1925-1928 Scoresby Football league

1929 No clubs Participated

Ferny Creek 1930 -1933 Mountain District Football League

Olinda 1934- 1935 Mountain District Football League

Olinda 1936 Belgrave District Football League

Olinda 1937- 1938 Ringwood District Football League

Olinda Monbulk 1939 Ringwood District Football League

1940-1945 Did not participate due to WW2

Olinda Ferny Creek 1946 -1964 Mountain District Football League

Olinda Ferny Creek 1965 -1985 Eastern Districts Football League

Olinda Ferny Creek 1986 - 2010 Yarra Valley Mountain Districts Football League

Ferny Creek Football Club had a very successful era from 1921-1933 playing in 7 final series over 12 years. They managed to make 6 Grand Finals for two wins. One Grand Final in 1930 was a draw against Silvan but they lost the replay by 10 points. 3 of the Grand Final losses were by less than 2 goals. Interestingly they played in 3 different leagues in their 12 years while Olinda Fc also participated in 3 leagues. The Current Club Olinda Ferny Creek has also played in 3 separate competitions. Olinda on its own failed to make any finals series but we do know they won a Premiership 1910. Olinda- Monbulk also failed to play finals in there one and only season.

 FERNY CREEK  179  106  69  3
 OLINDA  75  19  56  0
 OLINDA-MONBULK  18  11  7  0
 OLINDA FERNY CREEK  1149  508  631  8
 TOTAL  1421  644  763  11


The attached file has lots of information on it.It covers all the matches played against other clubs,ladder positions and and various other statistics. As such it does time to open so please be patient. The file can be opened in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.

On behalf of the Club we wish to acknowledge all the time spent by various sources in building this history. A big thanks To Jeff lawton who has spent hundreds of hours putting together this history.Also a big thanks to the Efl for their contribution.

Match Reports- pre 1914.

Sources- Box Hill Reporter, Camberwell and Hawthorn Advertiser, Healesville and Yarra Glen Guardian.

Friday  14 August 1914 OLINDA verus FERNY CREEK at Breens Paddock Ferny Creek

"The much looked for match between Ferny Creek and Olinda was decided on Saturday on the ground of the former Mr W Breen's paddock, which enabled the game to be kept open,and was an advantage to the novices.

The Olinda team with an unbeaten record, while Ferny Creek was arrayed for the occasion.By the second quarterboth teams had their full complement of men.Ferny Creek had the wind and the ground intheir favour in the first quarter, and more than held their own, but on changing over the better combination prevailed and the visitors closed the quarter with a leade of 15 points.

The home team by a spurt put on 18 points to 2 and the last quarter found them one point to the good.

All might have been well except for the impetuousness born of youth. Had they sat tight on the score instead of rushing the game it would have been better for them.It is bad policy for a tiring side to assume the attack in a scrambling fashion. After 20 minutes of here,there and everywhere the game closed in favour of Olinda by 6.5 to 4.4.

Several of the winning team played good football,viz. Captain Wyles, JW Simpson, W Hughes, T Brown and T Cruse. Jim Barrett hardly did himself justice and is mostly very fit. 

For Ferny Creek the Melbourne colt PJ Beswicke was the best man on the ground and J O'Connor, W Breen , F Carrington , F Webb and Mawson  worked hard to stave off defeat. 

Umpire Lay gave general satisfaction.


Friday 16 June 1911- Mountain District Football League begins

The footballers on the mountain top have decided to run a small association comprising Belgrave, Olinda, Monbulk and Ferny Creek United.

A series of twelve matches will be played for trophies to be decided at a later date. The matches start on Saturday when Ferny Creek United meet Olinda and Monbulk meet Belgrave..

Being all local teams it is needless to say that the games will be pretty keen but every care has been taken to ensure a fair deal. Paid umpires will be provided and the rules are fairly stringent.

Friday July 21 1911 Olinda V Monbulk

Monbulk journeyed to Olinda last Saturday for their second match with that club in the Mountain District competition.

The play was somewhat marred by the high wind which kept all the play at one end, not a point being scored against the wind. Monbulk led by a few points at halftime but when they changed ends at the last quarter Olinda led by 11 points  and played against the wind which has increased as the game proceeded.

The last quarter was a magnificent struggle. Monbulk put up two points and then with about six minutes to go Reville took the ball from a throw in and kicked a lovely long shot goal. Monbulk quickly added two points.

Olinda was putting in spledid defence work and Monbulk managed to snap a point just ontime which made the match a draw.

It was a grand friendly game and after refreshments Monbulk left for the long walk home well pleased with their day's sport. The final scores were  Olinda 4.13.37; Monbulk 5.7.37


Friday 11 August 1911

 In the Mountain District competition the Olinda and  Ferny Creek clubs met on July 29 when Olinda won by 3.11 to 1.6.

Last Saturday Olinda journeyed to Monbulk through roads up to the axle in most parts. The day was all that could be desired and the game accordign to some onlookers was the best ever played at that ground.

Olinda led at half time by 3 points but when the last quarter opened Monbulk had an advantage of 4 points.

The final scores were Monbulk 6.11 to Olinda 6.3.


Friday 31 May 1912 Olinda v Belgrave

Belgrave journeyed to Olinda over very dirty roads on saturday. The teams took the ground while the rains pattered down;both played to win and each did the utmost.

The home team played with terrible dash, at times being too fast for the wet ball. Although Olinda scored 7.14 to 2.2 the play was not all one sided.

After refreshments the visitors left for home well satisfied. Umpire Anderson umpired very fairly.

Next Saturday Olinda play Monbulk at Olinda.


Friday 14 June 1912  Olinda v Ferny Creek United.

A correspondent writes ;- Ferny Creek United met Olinda on the Olinda ground on Saturday. The weahter was fine, the ground dry and the play was fast and willing. Both teams were full handed.

Ferny Creek started off with a bound and Olinda as usual did not wake until Ferny had a few goals up.Olinda livening up took the ball to the forwards but the forwards failed badly and were unable to get the ball through.

As the game proceeded it could easily be seen that the old antagonism of last year was still alive. Players crowded the ball and the umpire could not see what was going on.

Some of the visitors to the district, lovers of the game, left the ground disgusted to see players punching and jumping into one another like a lot of wild cattle.

The final scores were Ferny Creek 9.11 to Olinda 4.6.

Next Saturday Olinda play Belgrave at Belgrave


Friday 16 May 1913  Bayswater V Olinda

The Bayswater fotoball club commenced the season on Saturday May 3 by playing Olinda on the Bayswater ground.

The result was a decided win for Olinda, the total scores being Olinda  5.12.42 to Bayswater 1.4.10.

Best players- Olinda Gibson (Curly), W Brown and F Barrett. Bayswater H Bazeley, J Poynton and H Dinsdale.

Mr W Jones (Bayswater) umpired



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