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The VCFL, O & K F N L & Greta FNC all recognise the significant contribution volunteers make to clubs, associations and in schools across the country.

Without volunteer involvement at all levels of the game, from people supporting first-time juniors to the veterans of the game, many communities, clubs and teams would simply not exist.

Volunteers make a significant contribution to football / netball clubs, associations across the country.

The VCFL, O & K F N L & Greta FNC all seek to lead by example and encourages everyone in football & netball to adopt a best practice approach to volunteer involvement.

It is only by recruiting new volunteers, retaining volunteers who join our great game, and publicly recognising the enormous contribution that volunteers make, that we strengthen our game and further our vision of football & netball being Australia’s favourite sports.

The O & K G F L & its clubs understand that it is only through volunteering that they will achieve their vision of football & netball being Wangaratta & districts favourite two sports. They are focussed on becoming leaders in volunteer management and encouraging other groups to do the same.

The four main 'R's' of volunteering:

  • Recruitment: in order to increase the level of volunteer participation in football & netball through the meaningful recruitment of new volunteers.
  • Retention: in order to increase the retention rates of volunteers involved in football & netball by providing an enjoyable, rewarding and sustainable volunteering experience.
  • Recognition: in order to add value to the image of volunteers and increase the level of national, state and local recognition for the contribution that volunteers make to the games of football & netball.
  • Resourced: in order to ensure that volunteers in our sports are sufficiently trained and resourced to maximise their contribution to football & netball and the development of the game.

This strategy places volunteers, and our support for their contribution, in the spotlight.

Getting the off field culture right.....very important !

What tends to get in the way of developing an effective football club is the committee becomes a 'talking shop' and individual members fail to follow through on agreed actions. This can be very demoralising for everyone involved.

To counter this tendency, it's important you create a conscious culture of 'getting things done'. You might want to set up some basic ground rules for the committee and incorporate these into your handbook or standing orders. Here are some examples of culture statements you could work by:

  1. Committee members are expected to fulfil their roles between meetings; the purpose of the meetings is to check on progress.
  2. Committee members have full authority to take all necessary actions to fulfil their allocated responsibilities within their allotted budgets.
  3. All briefing papers will be read before the meeting, not at the meeting.
  4. Each committee member shares collective responsibility and ownership of agreed decisions, irrespective of their personal view or vote on the matter.

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O&KFL - SENIOR Football Ladder

2021 WAW Credit Union Seniors Cup
1 Milawa 54
2 Bonnie Doon 44
3 Tarrawingee 40
4 Bright 34
5 Benalla All Blacks 32
6 Greta 28
7 Goorambat 24
8 Whorouly 20
9 North Wangaratta 8
10 Moyhu 8
11 King Valley 4
12 Glenrowan 0

O&KFL - RESERVES Football Ladder

2021 Pinkerton Security Reserves Cup
1 Milawa 50
2 Tarrawingee 48
3 Bright 44
4 North Wangaratta 40
5 Whorouly 30
6 Benalla All Blacks 24
7 Greta 22
8 Bonnie Doon 18
9 King Valley 12
10 Moyhu 8
11 Goorambat 0
12 Glenrowan 0
2021 WAW Credit Union Seniors Cup
Goals Per Game Avg
2021 WAW Credit Union Seniors Cup
2021 Pinkerton Security Reserves Cup
Goals Per Game Avg
2021 Pinkerton Security Reserves Cup