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11.6.32 Hawthorn Wangaratta        
17.9.32 Yarraville Beechworth        
06.9.33 Victorian Police Myrtleford     Jack McGregor  
1954 Tallangatta        
22.4.57 WFC / WRFC Wang Showgrounds Denis Delaney  Greg Hogan Tim Lowe  Tim Lowe
08.4.58 WFC / WRFC Wang Showgrounds  R. Beattie      
25.4.61 Tallangatta Bandiana Ed Hooper Max Newth Ron Wales  Ron Wales
      D Thomas      
24.9.61  Wang Rovers Wang Cricket Ground M. Hogan  E. Hooper Ron Wales  Ron Wales
      I Montgomery M Newth (e)    
1966-8  No O&K rep footy          
16.6.69  Kyabram Wang Showgrounds  John O'Brien Side not in paper John O'Brien  John O'Brien
11.7.69  Upper Murray-GF Martin Park   Neil Jones John O'Brien John O'Brien  John O'Brien
       David Tanner      
13.6.70  Kyabram City Oval, Wang  John O'Brien  David Tanner   Jim Comensoli
18.7.70  Tallangatta Martin Park   John O'Brien  David Tanner   Jim Comensoli
01.8.70  Upper Murray-GF Martin Park   John O'Brien  David Tanner   Jim Comensoli
12.5.71  Coreen Tarrawingee  Ian Mills Noel Mogford John O'Brien  John O'Brien
       Bill O'Brien      
10.6.71  Tallangatta - G F Sandy Creek   Noel Mogford Bill O'Brien  John O'Brien  John O'Brien
       John O'Brien      
16.6.72  Tungamah Tarrawingee Ian Mills Bill O'Brien Gary Holmes Gary Holmes
15.7.72  Tallangatta Sandy Creek Ian Mills Bill O'Brien Gary Holmes  Gary Holmes
       John O'Brien      
02.6.73  Hume Chiltern Bill O'Brien Mick Tanner P Rosenbrock  Peter Rosenbrock 
      Greg O'Brien e      
13.7.74  Upper Murray Beechworth  John Shanley Mick Tanner Mick Tanner John Welch
      M Welsh      
14.6.75  Coreen Coreen  Mick Tanner  Laurie Wallace    John Welch 
      M Welsh (e)      
12.6.76  Tallangatta Chiltern  Barry Tanner Bill O'Brien Des Sheridan John Welch 
      Geoff Lacey      
10.7.76   Coreen Wahgunyah Barry Tanner Bill O'Brien Des Sheridan John Welch
      Geoff Lacey      
1977  Central Riverina Wagga Barry Tanner  Gerard Tanner Des Sheridan  John Welch 
   Upper Murray, G F Corryong  Barry Tanner  Gerard Tanner    
1978  Hume Walbindrie  Barry Tanner  Terry Wadley Des Sheridan  Norm Bussell 
1979  Upper Murray Tarrawingee  Pat McKenzie  Barry Tanner     
   Tallangatta: G Final Sandy Creek  Phil Newth  Barry Tanner    Norm Bussell 
      Terry Wadley      
31.5.80  Upper Murray Corryong  Leigh Candy  Russell Harris   Rob Forrest 
28.6.80   Central Riverina Tarrawingee  Geoff Lacey  Terry Wadley     
30.5.81  Tallangatta  Chiltern Geoff Lacey  Brent Everall  N Pollard Geoff Lacey 
20.6.81  Picola: G Final Tarrawingee  Geoff Lacey   Brent Everall N Pollard   
      Tony Fisher      
29.5.82  Nthn Riverina Lake Cargelligo  Geoff Lacey  Brent Everall


Richie Allen
      Paul Tanner      
19.6.82  Coreen Tarrawingee  Geoff Lacey  Brent Everall   Richie Allen
      Paul Tanner      
28.5.83  Picola Katunga  Francis O'Brien   Richard Pell   Richie Allen
18.6.83   Hume: G Final Brocklesby  Geoff Lacey Francis O'Brien   Richie Allen
      Richard Pell      
1984  No O&K Rep Footy          
6.10.84  WFC / WRFC 2nds  Wang Showgrounds Geoff Lacey Tony Gleeson Rosser Appeal Jeff Clarke 
 1985  No O&K Rep Footy
31.5.86  Coreen Coreen  Tony Gleeson Dwayne Rumsey   Jeff Clarke
      Vin Mills (e)      
21.6.86   Hume: G Final Tarrawingee  Tony Gleeson  Vin Mills   Jeff Clarke 
30.5.87  Coreen Tarrawingee  Tony Gleeson  Rick Lawford   Greg Taylor
20.6.87   Hume: G Final Walbundrie  Tony Gleeson  Rick Lawford   Greg Taylor
28.5.88  Tallangatta Tarrawingee Tony Gleeson Rick Lawford Tony Gleeson Peter Hines 
      Peter Watson      
1989  Hume Tarrawingee Tony Gleeson  Paul Hogan   Peter Hines
      Mark Pell      
3.6.89   Upper Murray Corryong Tony Gleeson  Paul Hogan   Peter Hines
      Mark Pell      
26.5.90  Nrthn Riverina Tarrawingee  Tony Gleeson  Mark Pell Tony Gleeson  Peter Hines 
16.6.90  Coreen Coreen  Tony Gleeson Mark Pell Tony Gleeson  Peter Hines
      Dwayne Rumsey      
1991 Upper Murray Tarrawingee Rod Canny Tony Gleeson  Tony Gleeson  Peter Hines
      P Mulrooney R Woodward    
  Tallangatta: G Final Sandy Creek  P Mulrooney Mark Pell  ? Peter Hines
      Andrew Smith R Woodward    
1992-4 No O&K rep footy          
1995  Tallangatta  Tarrawingee  Dam Flanigan  Paul Hogan    
       Brett Keir  Mark Kilner    
1996  Tallangatta   Dederang James Corker Justin Kelly   Peter Hines
      Mark Kilner Andrew Smith    
1997  Rd.1 v Hume  Barooga Anthony Brady  Mick Caruso  Mick Caruso Gary O'Keefe 
   Rd.2 v Tallangatta (round robin  Paul Hogan Darren Petersen    
   5th:Tall v 6th:O&K  comp) Steven Reidy      
' 98-05 No O&K rep footy          
 9.6.06  Tallangatta Lavington Jack Humphries  Tom Hazell  Andrew Balfour  Craig Fruend 
2007/8 No O&K rep footy          
5.6.09  Farrer F L Tarrawingee side not in paper     Scott McMasters 
22.5.10  Lodden Valley  Benalla Jack Humphries   Brad Bell   Gil Ould 
26.5.12   Picola Nth Wst  Barooga  Scott Glover  D McLaughlin   Finton Eames
       Brent Nichols      
25.5.13 Central Highlands  Buningnong  Scott Glover  Mark Strack   Finton Eames 
24.5.14  Farrer F L   WJ Findlay Oval  Scott Glover  Brent Nichols   Finton Eames 
23.5.15  Hume F L   Jindera  Chris Dube     Finton Eames 
22.5.16  Tallangatta F L  WJ Findlay Oval  No players     Mick Newton
20.5.17  Farrer FL  WJ Findlay Oval  No players   Adam Williams&  Joel Fisher
19.05.18   Hume FL  Howlong  Chris Dube   Stev Williamson  Joel Fisher &
19.05.18            Jeremy Wilson

 * Between 1969 & 1991, the O&KFL played in the North East / Riverina Minor Football Leagues Country Championships, winning it in 1970 & 1981.

* Most of the above info came from the history book of the O&KFNL - "All Links in the Chain", By Neil Barter.

* If anyone has any more details, photos or other relevant info about these O & F K L rep games, please email the details to -


1996 - O & K F L Rep Side

Standing - John McPhan - runner, Troy Comsensoli, Peter Larkin, Darren Bate, Andrew Smith, Todd Amery, Paul Hore, Barrie Henderson, Rob McQuade, Chris Doyle, Leigh Miller, Scott Williamson, James Corker, Marc Kilner, Justin Kelly, Peter Hines - coach.

Front - Matt Stephens, Scott Gray, Scott Collins, Brad Miller, James Hodgkins, Greg Morrison, Chad Kersting, Dale McPhan.



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O&KFL - SENIOR Football Ladder

2021 WAW Credit Union Seniors Cup
1 Milawa 54
2 Bonnie Doon 44
3 Tarrawingee 40
4 Bright 34
5 Benalla All Blacks 32
6 Greta 28
7 Goorambat 24
8 Whorouly 20
9 North Wangaratta 8
10 Moyhu 8
11 King Valley 4
12 Glenrowan 0

O&KFL - RESERVES Football Ladder

2021 Pinkerton Security Reserves Cup
1 Milawa 50
2 Tarrawingee 48
3 Bright 44
4 North Wangaratta 40
5 Whorouly 30
6 Benalla All Blacks 24
7 Greta 22
8 Bonnie Doon 18
9 King Valley 12
10 Moyhu 8
11 Goorambat 0
12 Glenrowan 0
2021 WAW Credit Union Seniors Cup
Goals Per Game Avg
2021 WAW Credit Union Seniors Cup
2021 Pinkerton Security Reserves Cup
Goals Per Game Avg
2021 Pinkerton Security Reserves Cup