League F&B Winners


1985 SFL Colts P Kujawski
1986 SFL   League (Dr Bowden Medal)   D Gibb
1987 SFL Reserves K Thomason
1989 SFL Colts G Berson
1989 SFL Saturday Comp    R Pickersgill
1994 SFL Reserves T Amoroso
1997 SFL Colts M Long
1999 WAAFL E Grade D Fry
2001 WAAFL G Grade W Rigoll
2003 WAAFL B Colts D McLeod
2003 WAAFL C Reserve C Sobejko
2007 WAAFL E Grade W Rigoll
2007 WAAFL C Grade B Ingersole
2008 WAAFL G Grade W Rigoll
2010 WAAFL F Grade L Thatcher
2010 WAAFL B Reserves A Doig
2010 WAAFL B Colts A Barker
2011 WAAFL B Reserves A Barker
2012 WAAFL B Reserves  D Fondacaro   

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