Coaches and Managers


1. Prepare and conduct team practices where and when appropriate.

2. Attend and coach club games at the basketball stadium.
3. Coaches should be mindful of:
               A. The skill development stages of all players.
               B. The J.B.C. Policy regarded to court playing time.
               C. The great position that Coaches enjoy as role models.
               D. The key elements of good sportsmanship.
4. Assisting Team Managers with the team’s playing equipment and administration.


1.   Be a contact point between the club and his/her team
2.   Note the Association matters from time to time:
     (A) Payment of game fees.
     (B) Advising families of registration procedure.
     (C) Advice re eligibility of team members for semi-finals etc.
     (D) Ensure that the players complete scoresheets as required.
3.  Oversee the management and care of the team equipment:
     (A)  10 playing tops; 2 basketballs, kit bag, information folder.
     (B)  Note the playing numbers on the list provided in folder provided.
     (C)  The playing tops should be issued and collected at every game.
     (D)  Return all team equipment at the conclusion of each major season.
     (E)  Shorts can be purchased from the Gear Co-ordinator. 
4.   Help the Team Coach with the overall supervision and management of his/her team:
     (A)  Oversee the appropriate player management and behaviour at practices and games.
     (B)  Help maintain team harmony and enthusiasm where necessary.
     (C)  Organisation of the Team’s duty roster if necessary.
 5.   Prepare competition nominations for the next season; this is best done at the club meeting prior to the summer and winter competitions:
      (A)  Are new players required?
      (B)  Is team/player grading required at the nomination meeting?
 6.   Promote the various team and club activities within his/her team.

We would like to thank you for your assistance with these roles and stress that we all share the support of all players, their sporting development, their enjoyment and  general welfare.