Payment Policy

Registration Payment Policy



DJFC understands the nature of youth participation in sport. It also understands that families derive from various Socio-Economic backgrounds. Our focus as a Junior Football Club is to maximise participation using available resources. At certain times it is necessary for families to be given discounts and/or payment terms for whatever reason. The reasons are many and as such DJFC believes there is a need to address each case individually and as such a strictly defined payment policy should not be adopted. We also understand the need for these matters to be kept confidential.



 When parents are seeking payment options outside the standard offering of DJFC the Committee must be contacted in the first instance. An email is required to be sent to the Treasurer ( requesting a change in payment terms. The executive Committee will discuss the matter and offer terms in accordance with their decision. All discussions and communication will be in the strictest confidence. Parents are then required to make payment as per those terms. A failure to meet the obligations of the payment plan will deem the player ineligible to play.

 All other payments are due on the advertised dates. All players failing to pay fees when due will be offered one reminder prior to being ineligible to play.

The Committee reserves the absolute right to change the payment terms as it deems appropriate.

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