JLT Sports Insurance

About JLT Sports Insurance

Click on the link to get information about JLT Personal Injury Insurance provided by Dingley JFC. All the information you need to know about what is and is not covered by our Insurance Policy is contained in the General Information Sheet. 

Making a Claim Information Sheet

Click on the link in regards to how to lodge a Personal Injury Claim. There are certain particulars when it comes to lodging a claim. To ensure you do it correctly check out the Making a Claim information sheet to assist you in correctly filling out the claim form.

JLT Personal Injury Claim Form

Click on the link to download a Personal Injury Claim Form. If you have any difficulties in completing the form then contact the Secretary (secretary@djfc.org.au) who can asisst you in ensuring the form is completed correctly and within timelines.

Certificate of Currency

Click on the link to display the Certificate of Currency in regards to insurance held by DJFC. For those with an eye for the details, here is a copy of our Insurance Certificate. It covers all the bases required in regards to the specifics of our insurance. 

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