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The pages provide links to various resources on fundamental principles and plays relating to a particular topic together with drills to reinforce and develop those principles.  Where appropriate, defensive and offensive resources are provided on the same page.

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Topic Details

Coaches Forum

Got a question to ask about drills or game play or just planning a training session. Post a question in our Coaches Forum or provide an answer to questions your fellow coaches have posed.

Complete Coaches Manual

Dragons provide all coaches with access to their Coaches Manual containing details of various skill fundamentals.  This manual is subject to copyright owned by Daryl Miller and is reproduced with his kind permission.

Drills Manual

This link is to a copy of a drills manual which contains a variety of drills to reinforce Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Defence, Team Offence, Multi Skills and Transition.

Videos of Coaching Clinics

This links to online videos from DVD's of various coaching clinics run by Basketball Qld.  All material is subject to copyright owned by Basketball Qld and is reproduced with the permission of Basketball Qld.

Web Pages

This page contains links to various websites with drills and plays.  Some of these sites contain some very useful resources for older age players.  Links to specific topics are also contained in the relevant topic category.

B.L.A.S.T. 6eleven Station Activities

Links to resources detailing various station and other activities used in our B.L.A.S.T. 6eleven program.  These have been catalogued in this one location and will also appear in other skill sets pages.  Whilst these are generally aimed at U10 and U12 players, some may be suitable (with modification) for older age players.

Ball Handling

Links to resources detailing various ball handling drills including video clips of how to perform them.

Defence Generally

Links to resources relating to general defensive techniques.


Links to resources relating to layup technique.

Presses and Press Breaks

Links to resources relating to presses and pressbreak strategies.


Links to resources relating to rebounding techniques.

Screens, Cuts and Defending

Links to resources relating to screening and cutting and defending against screens and cuts.


Links to resources relating to shooting technique.

Transition Defence and Offence

Links to resources relating to transition defence and offence.

Zone Defence and Offence

Links to resources relating to zone defence and offence.
Zone defence is not permitted at BBI for ages U14 and lower.


B.L.A.S.T.™ is a Trademark of North Brisbane Basketball Assn Inc. for our Junior Basketball skills development program.

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