Become A Dragon Ambassador


Calling all Dragons past and present!  How about we add some member energy to our website?


Have you seen clips of the Dancing Man?  Follow the link to check out his work on youtube.  Basically he takes a short film clip of himself dancing his silly little dance all over the world and uses a number of them to form a video of places he's visited.

With Dragons now spread all over the globe, how about we emulate the feats of the Dancing Man and create our own library of places Dragons have visited?  But here's the catch - you must be wearing your Dragon's shorts or shirt in the photo or, if you're a member of B.L.A.S.T.TM without shorts, wearing your B.L.A.S.T.TM  muscle shirt.  The photo should clearly show our Dragons logo.

You might want to have a photo taken of you:

  • at a recognised tourist attraction;
  • in front of a significant place name; or
  • with a celebrity (or better still have the celebrity wearing your shorts).

Send us the photo with your name and details of where you are (just in case it's not obvious to some of us) and we'll publish it in our Dragon's Ambassadors photo gallery.  Check back and see how our gallery builds and the exciting places where Dragons have been seen.

We'll make it worth your while with regular prizes for those photos judged to be the most imaginative.

So get cracking and see what you can do.  This will be an ongoing activity so you can contribute anytime.

B.L.A.S.T.TM is a Trademark of North Brisbane Basketball Assn Inc. for our Junior Basketball skills development program.

By submitting your photo to North Brisbane Basketball Assn Inc ("DRAGONS"), you give DRAGONS permission to publish the image on our website to promote DRAGONS. Photos must be original and not digitally enhanced. You still own the intellectual property rights in your photographs and this Permission does not transfer your ownership. This consent remains valid until withdrawn by you in writing and directed to The Secretary, DRAGONS. In giving this permission, DRAGONS can use any photograph submitted in any way it chooses, for the purposes described above. DRAGONS may reproduce the information in any form, in whole or in part, and distribute it by any medium. You will not be paid by DRAGONS for giving this permission or use as referred to above.

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