New Registration Information


Important Information and Tips for Registering in Basketball Connect


  • We have now transitioned to the Basketball Connect System as per instructions from Basketball Queensland and Brisbane Basketball.
  • Online Registrations for the North Brisbane Basketball Association (Dragons) 2023 Winter Season will open at 7am on Tuesday 14th February.
  • A link to our registration page will be posted on our Facebook Page, Website, and emailed to all existing Summer Season members.
  • If having any difficulties, please use the “How to Register” guides posted by BBI and BQ:




  • A few important tips:
    • If you are an existing member, please ensure you use the correct email (from previous logins on GameDay) as your login and check your child’s details are correct.
    • For reference, our Organisation Name is North Brisbane Basketball Association – this should automatically populate if using the link, however you will be asked to search/select this if you go on to register a 2nd child.
    • Only register for 1 Age Division that correlates with your child’s year of birth:
      • U9 - 2015, 2016
      • U11 - 2013, 2014
      • U13 - 2011, 2012
      • U15 - 2009, 2010
      • U17 - 2007, 2008
      • GYL - 2005-2010 (Girls Youth League – ALL girls in U15-U19 bracket)
      • U19 - 2005, 2006


  • Registration with North Brisbane Basketball Association (Dragons) for the 2023 Winter Season will incur the following fees:
    • Combined BQ and BBI 2023 Fee: approx. $132.81 (10-19yrs) OR $71.55 (U10yrs) (annual fee)
    • Club Membership (nomination fee): $30 (per Winter season)
    • Club Game/Training Fees (competition fee): $275 (per Winter season)
    • Transaction Fees will be charged at checkout.  These are not our fees; they are fees set down by the new software system and we have no control over these fees.


  • For existing members, please NOTE that the Combined BQ/BBI fee WILL be charged during this registration process if your existing annual fee is due to expire ANYTIME during the Winter Season (ie. March – October). This has been a directive of BQ, and we have had no control of this decision. We have been advised that the annual fee will still be dated from time of original expiry (ie. You will be given 12months from your expiry date even though paying it early).


  • Payment options will be via Direct Debit or Credit Card. FYI, Credit Card payments will incur slightly higher transaction fees than Direct Debit.


  • We will NOT be offering an instalment option for payment of fees this season. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact the committee prior to registration on to organise a payment plan.


  • We will be continuing to accept Fair Play Vouchers. If you have a current Fair Play Voucher, you will be able to tick a box towards the end of the registration process which will apply a discount of $150. You will need to enter the Voucher Code at the time of ticking the box AND email a copy of the voucher to


  • PLEASE DO NOT DELAY IN REGISTERING AS WE WILL BE CAPPING SOME AGE GROUPS DUE TO CAPACITY ISSUES. If you are unable to register it will most likely mean capacity has been reached, please email the committee on for information about a wait list.


  • The committee are all volunteers who have spent many hours learning (and are still learning!!) this new system, so please be very mindful of this when you are contacting the committee with enquiries.

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