Forfeits should be avoided as far as possible by doing the following:

  1. in the U6 to U11 ages, by allowing extra players from the opposition to make up the numbers
  2. in all age categories, by allowing players from a lower grade or age group to play

If a forfeit is unavoidable, it should ideally be done more than 48 hours before the match time, and follow this procedure:


Forfeit Procedure:


 - The forfeiting team shall notify their Club committee in the first instance.

 - The forfeiting team shall lodge a forfeit request in Dribl. (see below)

 - The forfeiting team shall notify the following by email:

                   -  Director of Competitions      (

                   -  Director of Records              (

                   -  Director of Referees             ( (if competition match)

                   -  President and Secretary of the Opposing Club

                   -  Secretary of the Host Club where the match is being played at a venue that is neither Clubs’ home ground.


 - The following information is required:

                   -   The team forfeiting (including team name – e.g., Bowral Blue)

                   -   The name of the team receiving the forfeit

                   -   The date and time of the forfeited game

                   -   The venue of the game


 - Where notice of less than 24 hours is given, the forfeiting team is required to contact the opposition team by phone to confirm the forfeit in addition to the email notifications as set out above.


Lowest graded team must forfeit


For All Age competitions, when a forfeit is unavoidable, the lowest graded team(s) must forfeit before any higher graded team(s). Failure to comply with this rule will result in the lowest graded team that did play being deemed ineligible for the match and the full penalty of Rule 20 (K) will be applied in addition to Rule 20 (C) to the team that did forfeit.


Team sheet completion


No team sheets are required for forfeits in MiniRoos.


For all U12 to All Age Competition and Cup matches the non-forfeiting team is required to submit a team sheet to claim a forfeit and therefore be awarded three (3) points and three (3) ‘goals for’.


Lodging a forfeit request in DRIBL


Click here to see the process to follow to lodge a forfeit request via the Dribl app. This must be done within the timeframes nominated in HSA 2024 Rules and Regulations Rule 22(a) and (b) in order to avoid a club fine. 

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