Code of Conduct

Bowral FC adheres to the following simple Code of Conduct.  By joining the club, you must agree to do the same, please:


  1. I will learn teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline
  2. I will be on time for practices and games, learn and play by the rules and always be a good sport
  3. I will respect coaches, teammates, parents, opponents and officials


  1. I will display good sportsmanship, and always respect players, coaches, officials and other parents
  2. I will act appropriately at all times and cheer good plays of all participants and I will cheer in a positive manner and encourage fair play
  3. I will be supportive after the game, win or lose, and I will recognize good effort, teamwork and sportsmanship
  4. I will resolve to conduct myself as a parent and an adult even under the most trying circumstances
  5. I will not use obscene or vulgar language to anyone at any time before, during, or after a game
  6. I will not embarrass my child by yelling at players, coaches, or officials and I will always show a positive attitude toward the game and all of its participants


  1. Winning is a consideration, but not the only nor the most important one. I will care more about the children / players than winning the game
  2. I will remember players are involved in soccer for fun and enjoyment and a player's safety is the utmost importance
  3. I will be generous with my praise, consistent, honest, fair and just
  4. I will not criticize players publicly
  5. I will adjust to personal needs and problems of players, be a good listener, never verbally or physically abuse a player, official, or parent and give all players the opportunity to improve their skills, gain confidence and develop self-esteem
  6. I will organize practices that are fun and challenging for my players
  7. I will familiarize myself with all applicable rules and institute techniques and strategies of soccer and encourage all players to be team players
  8. I will maintain an open line of communication with players and parents and I will explain our goals and objectives
  9. I will not use obscene or vulgar language to anyone at any time before, during, or after competition
  10. I will not visually demonstrate any sign of dissatisfaction with an official's decision with the intent of inciting the officials, players or spectators


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