Fees for 2023

Registration Fees for Yerrinbool Bargo Soccer Club (YBSC) have been determined below.

Registrations can be made in person or online:

If you wish to join our club - players, parents and/or guardians are advised to review our registration details and terms & conditions below. Please note, we accept Active Kids vouchers.

Seniors are also encouraged to take advantage of our early bird offer, strictly available until 12 February 2023.

Registrations CLOSE 24 February 2023.


Registration Fees (Juniors)

Juniors Registration Fee

Registration Fee after Active Kids rebate

(if available)

5-11 years $170 $70
12-15 years  $120 $20
16-18 years $270 $170


Registration Fees (Seniors)


Registration Fee

EARLY BIRD Registration Fee

Paid in full up to 12/02/2023

Men 19+ $400 $350
Ladies 19+ $300 $250

Training will be held at Bargo Sportsground; time and day to be determined by relevant coach.

Games are held every Saturday across Southern Highlands, including Yerrinbool.

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