What merchandise is available?

Kids clothing (YBSC branded)

  • Hoodies - $45.00
  • Socks - $10.00
  • Shorts - $20.00
  • Kids Cap - $25.00

See attachment for images.

Adult clothing (YBSC branded)

  • Jackets - $125.00
  • Socks - $15.00
  • Shorts - $25.00
  • Rugby Jumper - $60.00
  • Beanie - $25.00

See attachment for images.

40th Anniversary clothing (YBSC branded)

  • Jersey (est 1982) - $40.00

See attachment for images.

Where can I buy club merchandise?

Uniforms and merchandise can be purchased on Club Day. To place an order outside of Club Day, contact or submit an Expression of Interest form.

We accept cash and EFTPOS (60c surcharge on EFTPOS transactions).

What else am I required to wear?

During the season, players are required to wear studded boots and shinpads, which can be purchased through most retailers (in-store or online). Jerseys are provided to each player for use during the season, to be returned to the relevant coach by the end of September.

This does not apply to purchased jerseys, such as our 40th anniversary clothing range.

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