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Loads & risks following rest...periods (July2015)

AIS Paper on Loads & risks following rest/recovery/injury periods

What Makes a Good Coach (9June2014)

Outlines what makes a good coach, and warning signs of poor coaching.

Skills Matrix (4June2014)

Lists key initiatives, and age groups these fundamentals should be introduce.
E.g. Body Movement fundamentals, Ball Handling Drills,Miscellaneous, Dribbling - strong and weak hands, Passing, Receiving, Shooting, Individual Offence, rebounding, Team Offence, Individual Defense, Team Defense, and Rules

The ACT Way (25Apr2014)

The ACT Way informs the reader on information that includes: Advantages of our geographical location; Physical capabilities development; fundamentals of player; Positive attitudes; Preparation of teams; Professional behaviour; Coaches creed; and High performance programs.

Lets Start Coaching (10Apr2014)

This document covers how to start to coach people from different and diverse backgrounds and abilities. How to teach children about basketball and what activities to teach them. Its also informs coaches about rules and referee signals, scoring, and outlines quick facts about the game.

Running an Effective Practice Session (10Apr2014)

This document outlines how to run effective practice sessions. It looks at planning considerations, Principles for designing effective practice conditions, and other considerations in running an effective practice.

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