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The Manager of every basketball team within our club is an important and vital role to keep things running smoothly for the coach, players and parents.

Managers help to assist the coach to concentrate on coaching and training the players and keep parents and players well informed regarding the team and the basketball season competition.

Below are some 'tips' that we have put together to help making your job easier when managing your basketball team.

1. Notifying club contacts

When you have been appointed as team manager, send an email including your contact details to the Club Registrar and Venue Coordinator (see contact details below).

2. Training

On occasions where a venue is unavailable for training, the manager and/or coach will be notified by the Venue Coordinator.

If your team is unable to train for any particular reason, please notify the Venue Coordinator within 48 hours as the club will not be charged for venue within this timeframe.

When a long weekend occurs, there are no games, therefore, NO TRAINING the week before for teams

Example:  Training week - Sunday 30 September  – Thursday 4 October – Weekend Friday 5 – Sunday 7 October is a long weekend.
Therefore, the 30 Sep – 4 Oct - teams do not train.
If your team has a bye, they can still train that week.

3. Vikings Website    .

Our website address is and includes a vast array of information to help make your job easier. If you can't find the information that you are looking for, please notify the club and we will endeavour to source the required information and upload it for you accordingly.

4. Contacting your parents/players

Be sure to send an introduction email to parents and players to:

    • introduce yourself as Manager with your contact details and advise name of coach for the team
    • advise the day, time and location of training
    • advise parents/players to check game times and venues the DAY BEFORE each game at
    • prepare and send a roster of parents for bench duty for all the games of the season – 2 parents for each game
    • send link to parents (to assist them with bench duty) of Score Table booklet from
    • email link of initial draw of season games for your team from
    • advise parents/players to contact you if a player is unavailable for training and/or game and to give at least 24 hour notice –inform the coach
    • advise parents/players that you will contact them if training venue or coach is unavailable or if training is cancelled
    • information emails from Vikings Club or Basketball ACT to be forwarded to parents (if applicable) 

Day before Game - send reminder to parents/players (email or text)

    • game times/venue/court no. (check Draws on website)
    • rostered parents who have bench duty

 Before start of game

    • list shirt numbers on score sheet and check player names are listed correctly – (if an error on the sheet, contact Vikings Registrar)
    • water bottles filled for each player during the game (optional)
    • assist new parents on bench duty as required

 End of Game

    • thank the bench and referees
    • ensure all player items are collected

Note: To receive Email Game Reminders from Sporting Pulse

  • .
  • Go to Fixtures/Results
  • Register your details and Select your team
  • Sporting Pulse will then automatically send a game reminder (for the season) which you can forward to your team
  • Reminders for Saturday’s games arrive early Thursday morning, Sunday’s games Friday morning



Registration enquiries & team lists is Denise Flamia Mob: 0414 253 232

Training venues

Training Venues Co-ordinator : Ivan Haider Mob: 0404046298


Last updated: 22 April 2019

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