Team Selection - Process and Policy

Endorsed by Committee July 2017


Weston Creek Woden Dodgers Team Selection - Process and Policy

The Club’s aim is to put forward the best team combinations available to form competitive teams within Basketball ACT’s junior competitions with the aim that teams provide the best possible opportunities for the development of our junior players while enjoying playing the game.

It is also a Club objective to have at least one team in each Age Group playing in Division 1 or 2, preferably Division 1 where possible.

Player Attributes

In assessing the grade for a player we will take the following player attributes into consideration:

  • Age and basketball experience (e.g. standard of previous play);

  • Basketball skills, decision making ability

  • Athleticism, speed and development potential;

  • Application: Is the player hard working and looking to improve– consistently makes effort during games and at training  – e.g. works hard in both offence and defence

  • Attitude  

  • Teamwork attributes - a positive attitude to team play and supporting teammates, shares the ball e.g. makes extra pass, doesn’t over dribble, plays designated role in offence/defence,

  • Follows instruction  - a good listener and learner that follows coaches instructions

Another primary input in placing players is team formation needs – achieving a good blend of guards and forwards to fulfil a range of roles to ensure there is good team balance will sometimes impact on the grading of a player.

Process and Inputs

The inputs to initial selection will be:

  • Information gathered on registration – especially new players to the Club

  • Feedback on established players from an assessment of each player gathered from coaches towards the end of each season

  • Attendance and performance at trials to be held prior to season commencement where experienced club coaches and senior Club  players will make an assessment of the relative skills of junior players through a series of age appropriate skills tests and competitive scrimmages

  • Team formation – well balanced teams.

Please note that selection trials will only be held in advance of the Summer Season – this is the season where juniors move up an Age group and when we get the greatest influx of new players so the additional information is needed to assess the relative merits of players within forthcoming player groups.

The above inputs will inform provisional placement in a team for the first three weeks of each season

  • Performance and attitude at games and training during the first three weeks of the season, coupled with team balancing needs, will inform a further evaluation and review of preliminary selections leading to possible movements within teams between weeks three and four – this process will be co-ordinated by relevant coaches in consultation with the Age Group Co-ordinator

  • Teams will be final for each season at the commencement of Week 4

Please Note - In some  instances Coaches and Age Group Co-ordinators may run some teams (or the whole age group cohort) together for training for the first few weeks to help inform the final establishment of teams

Please Note  - Identifying the right playing level for a junior and making sure teams are correctly balanced has its challenges and  in not an exact process – this process to adjust the final composition of teams in the first part of the season helps the Club to get it right.

Communication of Provisional Selection Outcomes will be via the Club website

Provisional teams will be posted on the Dodgers Website the new Season.

Contact Point for Feedback on Selection Outcomes

If a player or family would like feedback on the rationale for any decision the Club will endeavour to provide soundly based feedback.

Parents or players can contact the Club President if they have any queries.

Overall parent’s and players need to recognise that the Club is run by volunteers with every endeavour made to put in place selection processes which are:

• Fair and objective;
• Based on solid basketball principles and consistent the Club’s principles related to playing basketball and players development;
• Undertaken by people within the Club with demonstrated basketball knowledge;
• Based on Multiple inputs;

Development Players

In some instances the Club may deem a player to be a “Development Player” which allows a junior to play in two grades on a permanent basis.

The purpose of junior development player status is to allow a player to further develop their game by allowing them to play a second game in the same age group as and when required by the Coach in the highest grade.

The player should be a player who is close to but not yet at the level required to be a fulltime member of the club’s next higher team above his nominated grade.

The Club’s policy with regard to development players will accord with the Basketball ACT’s Competition Rules and By-Laws with regard to Junior Development Players.

Train on Players

Where it is considered appropriate to deliver an additional development opportunity a player may train with a team in the next Division up provided the Coach of the team agrees that it is appropriate.

Juniors Playing in a Higher Age Group

On a case by case basis the Club will allow some juniors to play in a higher age group for development or other reasons.  In doing so the Club will take account of the Basketball ACT’s rules and procedures regarding this practice and seek appropriate clearance.  As circumstances change please note that any such arrangement would be on a season by season basis only and each instance would be looked at based on the rationale at season commencement