B&F Medals

Elliott Medal - Senior Grade Best & Fairest
Yeoman’s award for its Seniors best and fairest is named after its original home, thus creating a lasting connection with the Club’s long and proud history. Elliott, by the way, was first called Cam Road. The name was changed to avoid confusion with Somerset, from where the road climbed Bread and Butter Hill to head inland. Elliott was named after G.B. Elliott, who was an early sawmiller on the Cam River. Anybody know of another famous sawmiller associated with Yeoman - one who has been at the Club for 45 years?

Nick Mitchell is the reigning Elliott Medallist, with former winners Bob Wynwood and Marcus Gee (twice) also in this year’s team.

Harrison Medal - Reserve Grade Best & Fairest
The Reserves best and fairest award is named after the man who first brought the young men of Elliott together in sporting pursuits, William Harrison. William’s grandson, Merv Harrison, was still around when the medals were given their names in 1980. That sawmiller, incidentally, managed to win 3 Harrison Medals between 1974 and 1987.

Sean Stevens has won the last three Harrison Medals, while double winner Aiden Lovell is still a stalwart among players at the Club.


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