Club Song

Sung to "The Road To Gundagai"

There's a club in our town

That is full of fine renown
Cheer the Robins black and red

We will fight to the finish
And celebrate too
We will always prosper
For we are straight and true

And the years they go by
Yet the spirit's still up high
We are the Yeoman Football Club

Until 1978 the club used lyrics that were common to many other clubs:
Are we good, are we good, are we any bloody good? We are the Yeoman Football Club,
And at the end of the season, you’ll know the reason why we are the premier team

After a training session early in 1978, the new coach, Geoff Gaby, reckoned the Club ought to have its own song. Danny Crothers agreed and produced a version he had thought up while working on his backyard compost heap that very afternoon. 

It got the nod of approval, was adopted and received plenty of use in that most successful year - especially in the hours and days after the double premiership in September.

The song begins with a reference to the Club’s history, stresses the need for four quarters of determination, mentions the desire to celebrate any victory, emphasises the value of straight kicking, honest dealing and loyalty, and finishes with the importance of Club spirit and durability.

A note about the words: Note the third last and second last lines begin with AND and YET.

Last year the song was sung more often after games than for many a long year, but the players had trouble getting those words right. Make a mistake this year and you may be forced to sing a second time - solo!!



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